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Turkey’s Leader To Be The Next Time: Election Game 2

by tenderpuls

Game Selection will take the city bus to your choice with two cities will do everything necessary to make the head of a party and you will be able to make Turkey’s next leader.

Turkish producers, who have done quite ambitious work in the mobile game market, this time with a very different and fun game Emerges. With Election Game 2, the goal of the players is to be the next political leader to come out of the ballot box.

There are many different things we can do in the game. To them from organizing an office room to travel city by province with our election bus, giving speeches on rostrums, addressing the public at rally squares and organizing party congresses, including many activities.

Let’s get on our bus and tour the hometown

As you start the game you can take control of one of the existing political parties. set up your own party you can try to rise to power with that party. We can use various symbols to put our own party symbols or something.

After building our party and creating our own character we carry out various activities. Among these activities, it is necessary to go on TV, reach our voters with our election bus, speak at rallies and fight against internal party opposition.


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While doing all this Looking at the rates set under the Turkey map We can see the votes we can get in the elections. If we start the game with our own party, we start with zero voting rate. If your opponent is a party that does not have a high vote in the elections, you can play the game without tiring yourself too much, but if your goal is to be in power, you need to be more careful.

Let’s go through the selection step by step

choice game 2


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We start our election journey by establishing a party 90 days before the election in the game. Naturally, we have to enter the election running and running. In our journey we started from Ankara, We are making our power journey in 81 provinces. We need to follow not only our own moves, but also the moves of rival political parties.

Recently, Turkish-made mobile games have come one after another. getting successful results. Let’s see if Choice Game 2 can achieve similar success?

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