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Stolen Data Old Data in 2019

by tenderpuls

A Facebook official made a small statement after yesterday’s news that half a billion users’ information was shared on a forum for free. Liz Bourgeouis, the company’s communications manager, suggested that the stolen data was legacy data stolen in 2019.

We have shaken our trust as a result of various events we have experienced in the past years. Facebook, came up with another big event yesterday. In a low-level hacker forum, a user shared the phone numbers and personal information of millions of Facebook users for free. This list included 533 million users from 106 countries.

Among our information shared by the user and therefore disclosed phone numbersFacebook usernames, full names, locations, birthday details, biographies, and if not all e-mail addresses took place. Whether the information was leaked correctly or not was verified by the Insider who reviewed the incident. So it was real.

Facebook argued that the incident was outdated:

Liz Bourgeouis, communications manager of FacebookRetweet 9to5Mac’s post on Twitter and made a small statement about the incident. Bourgeois, this data we saw 2 years ago from now, It was stolen in August 2019 and at that time the company “detected and fixed the problemBut he did not say anything about why or how this information reappeared.

Each user registered on giant platforms such as Facebook, their personal information and data to these companies. he entrusts. Therefore, both Facebook and all other companies must respect this data and information extremely. The stolen or unauthorized use of our data and information by companies, of course, damages the respect for the company and endangers its users.


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Facebook has been having trouble with this for a long time. Cambridge Analytica The company, which confronted the world with its scandal, came to the fore when a bot offered the phone numbers of Facebook users for a fee last year. These events showed that our data and information on Facebook is not as secure as we thought.

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