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A Gamer’s Review of We Happy Few

by tenderpuls

Hello dear Webtekno followers. Have fun reviewing the games and ‘Buy it?’ We have started our series ‘Through the Eyes of a Gamer’, in which we answered the question. The first guest of our series is the production We Happy Few, which is the center of attention with its artistic structure.

“Through a Gamer’s Eyes” In our series, we will examine the games with you, talk about their good and bad sides and hit the bottom of the fun. Do not confuse this series with the game review articles that you see so seriously, because what needs to be buried here is will bury to the bottomwhat should be praised we will praise until the end.

The first guest of our series is the one that many people do not know but I liked very much. We Happy Few. We Happy Few, which attracted me with its inspirations from some games, episode designs and story, was released as early access 5 years ago in 2016. Now the full version is released for PC, PlayStation and Xbox game platforms.

We try to survive and find our brother in 1960s England

We Happy Few is a play where we direct Arthur, who lost his brother to the Nazi Germans during the Second World War (1945’s). Arthur, who was not taken to the train where his brother was taken due to a mistake he made, does his best to find his brother when we come to the 1960s. Actually, this part of the story is told from the very beginning of the game, but we need to go a little further in the game to clarify things.

While the main story is to find our brother, it is possible to encounter side missions every 10 steps in the game because We Happy Few much side mission owner. Don’t get me wrong, these side quests are completely independent of the main quest and are not boring quests. On the contrary, how bad, unbearable and so poor the environment we are in is as if it were in the game. making feel tasks.

It’s forbidden to be unhappy, angry or ‘real’ in this world

we happy few

In We Happy Few, the world that is not at all colorful Joy We stop taking the pills after we realize that it looks more or less colorful with the pills called. Of course, our colleagues and security forces, who see this, do not stop, they beat us with money. Then we come across the bitter truth once again: the colorful world we have seen for years, actually not at all.

There are many different cities in the game, but the main difference between them is: Traveling in some cities without Joy pills, so Downer to be absolutely not welcome. Bending over, jumping, running, or even looking at someone for more than two seconds will show that you are a Downer and your beating super reason for. Because here people are under the influence of the ‘drug’ called Joy and they do not want to see anyone who is unhappy.

In other cities, we actually see what the world really is. Those who refuse to take the Joy pill or cannot access this pill are called Downers. In these parts of the world that are inaccessible and impossible to get out, people Doomed to rot, fight each other, and die alone. But do you choose the truth or see the world rosy under the influence of a drug?

A wonderful universe that deeply feels the atmosphere

we happy few

When I look at the world design of a game, the thing that catches my attention the most lighting and the design of the surrounding objects. So the better the lighting and the environment design, the better I can feel the atmosphere of the game. If this is the case for you too, be sure you can love We Happy Few. In addition, there are many environments in the world that you can discover, many places where you can hide and many places full of surprises.

Lighting, ambient quality aside; At We Happy Few If you go out into the forest, your job may be over. If you have entered one of the cities where Joy pills are mandatory, and “Let me wander through the forest without messing with meat and milk” If you said, Get well soon. Either you will return the path you have traveled for a long time, or you will continue to the end of the road to reach your location. Because it is by no means possible to enter the city from these forests. Don’t they ask you Criterion Games: If I couldn’t go inside this forest why you did?

Gameplay dynamics that are nice at first but repeat over time

we happy few review

In fact, when I first entered this game, I thought that the game has a diverse structure due to its privacy, war and different gameplay dynamics. “There are crowded cops or bandits, let me go in hiding” or “I have a shovel in my hand, if I put it a place it can also put a place.” Such choices were good at first, but then it started to get a bit of repetition.

“I saw the Downer Detector, I’ll take Joy”, “If they’re chasing me, I’ll go into the alley and hide”, “Are you the only one? You want war, come oooon!“The issues are getting over again after a while, but there is a huge craft system and a skill tree that is not that big in the game. hunger, thirst, sleep state, the effect of Joy pills, overdose Joy ruining you You need to pay attention to many things like. Of course, besides this, there is also a weight problem. If 30 people behind your back are chasing you “Oh, let me take this too, then I need it” If you say and take something from the ground, in a moment 30 people to beat you with a rolling pin you may be watching.

A little but a real bug

Games have been playing for a while since their release bug When we say, we think of small bugs that do not affect the game, right? Just not. If you’re playing We Happy Few, it’s not clear. Too many bugs in the game? No way. If you are lucky, maybe you can finish the game without even seeing a bug. However, if you see a bug, you may definitely need to replay that episode to finish the game.

For example; I took a task. To do the task, I have to take an object from point A to point B and deliver it. I accidentally dropped this item on the ground while organizing inventory, i wish i didn’t throw. The thing that I threw on the ground suddenly fell under the world. Yes, yes, you did not read it wrong, dear reader, the huge object went under the ground as a crack. While searching to find out where this is, “I wonder if I don’t see it?” I said anyway while asking myself the questions, the game has automatically saved it, let me continue from there.

Of course, he has recorded you, Polyanna … I opened the recording file that the last recording I took is standing, and the recording the game took just before the mission. The wars I fought to get the object, the roads I ran, hiding from the mad British, running a rolling pin on my head, all I had to shoot again and again. I will give the full task, the game is over. Yes you know, I deleted We Happy Few for the first time there.

Can this game be bought?

Can we buy we happy few?

When we say episode designs, setting, story and atmosphere, We Happy Few is really just to pass the time. extraordinary a game we can call. It is up to you to blunder with happiness and to face the facts. The images, lighting, linear graphics are great, but if you ask if this game is taken, I would like to stop there.

Unless a game is too big and ‘incredibly good’ Price higher than 200 TL being sold pushes me from buying that game. Especially as EA, which presents the same game every year, withdrawing a price of 400 TL to each new game, as EA does, may also be punctuating the players. We Happy Few also did not take it for a long time for this reason, I looked from afar and “I probably won’t play this game” it was a game I said.

The price of the game on the Steam platform is currently 209 TRY. Yes, exactly 209 TL. Aside from the fact that it has an artistic structure and I do not like it very much, if you ask if this game is paid 209 TL, it is not, friends. We Happy Few can be accessed at much cheaper prices on various subscription platforms, but you can buy it directly from Steam (at least without a discount). I definitely do not recommend.

The first episode of our ‘Through a Gamer’s Eye’ series is over, we hope you learned what you wondered about the game while reading it and had fun. We will be waiting for your ideas about the game in the comments section. Stay tuned for the continuation of the series, never stop playing and having fun.

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