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What are Indie Games? Why Was It So Popular?

by tenderpuls

Hades, an indie production at the BAFTA awards, managed to win awards in exactly 5 categories. Hades’ success once again set eyes on the growing indie game market of recent years. So why have indie games that we can Turkishize as independent games become so popular?

In recent years, many indie games have been released and have achieved serious success. There is even a group of players who only play games that are considered indie, some game engines provide free support to developers in this category to a point. Well, this is also called an independent game. Where did indie games come from? Why today and not in the past? We explain.

Actually the word indie the point of departure is not games, but movies. In fact, if we start the story from the very beginning, many surprise names are involved. Let me tell you this interesting story that connects Thomas Edison, Kodak, Hollywood, everything:

It all started with a rebellion against the monopolized cinema:

Edison Fund or Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC) This story begins in December 1908. At that time, Eastman Kodak (yes that’s Kodak, it’s Kodak), the world’s largest raw film provider, Thomas Edison, all major US studios and George Kleine, the largest distributor of the time, came together to establish this company. What’s their concern? Being a monopoly. And in the US? It was a little difficult.

Although this formation has some useful applications, all putting everything related to filmmaking under a monopoly Nobody welcomed their request. Against this cartel they “independentSeveral firms that described it as “(later abbreviated to indie) wanted to continue making movies as they wished. After the various lawsuits filed by the MPPC, the producers chose to immigrate to another state. Hollywood‘u.

We said indie game, Mr. Webtekno, why are you telling about cinema? Namely…

indie game

Of course, we will connect the subject there. Now for something to be indie first of all being independent of something is required. Okay, what are we going to be independent about? There is no top institution in the gaming industry that we can be independent with, but there is mainstream, which is often AAA called.

When it comes to AAA games, everybody comes to mind with great productions. Actually AAA is a economy termAAA ratings are made to the most secure stocks. Something like a gold star so this is AAA. In the gaming industry “Games that come out of a solid company, give the hardware right to the end, with very nice graphics” stand out as reliable games where you can invest your money. So productions that come to mind correct productions.

Of course, in an industry where billions of dollars are turning, such as the game industry hardware manufacturers, game developers and distributors is in elbow contact. It is actually a requirement of this collaboration that we do not see 8-bit graphics in any AAA production released today. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why most games are trying to squeeze the juice out of the hardware, especially.

Indie game developers: Small but very effective

indie producer

Nobody interferes with the games of indie game developers except the developer of the game. For example, if you are a non-indie developer, you can use a game that you have developed. Someone from the distributor company came to “Don’t let the Chinese villain be in the story, we will put the game on sale in China” can say. If no one other than the developer is included in the game, the production is indie.

Most game attempts also with either very low or direct zero budget this gets into work. Consequently, they cannot do great graphic works. Instead, there are two methods they use to stand out, either to make a difference with game mechanics or to stand out with the story.

On the other hand, over time, indie developers that they deal with big companies We often witness it. This does not exclude indie developers from this category, as there is no intervention in the game development phase, which is the most basic rule.

Let’s summarize the history of indie games then

indie game

After the word Independent shortened to become Indie It started to find a place for itself in almost every genre. When consoles were the king of the gaming industry in the 1970s, there was hardly any work in this field. With the prominence of computers in the 80s, the first serious breakthroughs occurred.

“How were the indie game developers selling the games since there were no Steam etc. at that time?“There will be those who think. Shareware system called was used. In this strange method, the user for free was taking. Even if he likes the game, He was sending money by letter.

In the nineties, however, big companies and distributors kicked off almost all the other companies and left them such a void that they could not die. Most companies are based on indie developers even the developer did not need to send the kit. In the 2000s, the color of the works would change a lot, and incredibly much.

Here comes Steam action


In the 2000s (2003 to be exact) Of Steam entering our lives heralded a great change. Now we no longer need CDs etc. to buy original games. GoG in computer games, Xbox Game Store on consoles, PlayStation Network and Nintendo Network exacerbated the fire that Steam started. New system it worked for everyone.

Moreover, this was not the only alternative for those who wanted to play games at that time. With a little effort flash based games could be done. In fact, this genre was very popular at that time, because they could be played anywhere and their small size. In fact, some of these productions later went to other platforms as mobile games or mini games.

Another important development took place in 2005 and the 3D game engine shortage was over. Unity came. With Unity, even the way game engines like Unreal Engine are sold has changed. Into the hands of indie game developers a great opportunity has passed.

Team17, Double Fine Firms such as companies began to stand out as indie supporter publishers who never got involved with developers. Moreover, the producers did not necessarily deal with computer games. Both with the games they publish on sites such as Facebook and with mobile games they could earn money. Kickstarter platforms like these also enabled producers to raise funds by promising.

Minecraft is the first big hit game


There are examples that exceed $ 1 million and $ 10 million among indie games. Aforementioned 100 million dollars When it happens, there are not many productions that can achieve this success. The first production to see 9-digit numbers is Minecraft.

Minecraft, which is the brightest jewel of an era where players can directly access its producer and see their advice directly in the game, is also in this genre. that you can achieve great success has shown. Now, those who wanted to develop games or those who developed games could walk on their own from platforms such as Steam. In a sense Minecraft, bitcoin of indie games happened. Rather.

We have seen many great success games in the indie game category in recent years. CupheadProductions such as The Binding of Isaac, FTL, and Stardew Valley are supported by critics and actors alike.

Let’s get to the last bomb of the year, Hades


Hades, held since 2004 At the BAFTA Game Awards He managed to win awards in 5 different categories. In addition to its success in the BAFTA awards of 2021, Hades, which entered Steam’s bestseller list, is also an indication of how game content can now be produced by a wider audience at some point.

To play games nowadays almost no computer is required. As we explained here, it is possible to play games with the subscription system even from the most irrelevant phones. The same goes for game development. Everyone can access the industry from anywhere. You can sell your product in all markets by spending a few hundred dollars.

Okay, not all games are good, even to most indie productions it’s pretty hard to trust. However, instead of a gaming market at the mercy of only a few distributors, a wider and more diverse market would benefit all of us.

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