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Social Media Reactions to the Plane Pita Hall Project

by tenderpuls

It was announced that the plane, which came off the runway and drifted from the slope while landing at Trabzon Airport, will be built a pita lounge. The statement came from the mayor of Yomra. Twitter users talked about this statement.

While the dates show the date of January 13, 2018, departing from Ankara Pegasus Airlines his plane came off the runway during landing at Trabzon Airport. The plane, which was thrown towards the sea from the airport by the sea, slid on the slope.

More than 3 years after the incident, Trabzon’s The mayor of Yomra district Mustafa Bıyıkannounced that the wreckage of the plane will be put into the service of the entire Black Sea without leaving a single penny from the coffers of the municipality.

The plane becomes a pita lounge

Explaining that the plane will be transformed into a pita lounge, Bıyık said, “The plane to be set up in the tea garden in our Sancak neighborhood, owned by our municipality and operated by our tenants, will serve as a pita lounge. all installation and construction costs will be covered by the operators. Good luck to our Yomra.” said.

After this explanation pita shop suddenly it became the agenda. While some of our citizens supported the project, some of our citizens stated that the plane could be evaluated differently. Here are some of those comments:

Let it be an attempt too


Bird-eyebrow more beautiful I think

black box

Giving the money grabs the plane


Our family lounge is in the cockpit

Our family lounge is in the cockpit

Don’t let the prices fly too?


Serial sad tweet

tc simulation

The plane can be painted like anchovy and become a fish baker.

pita maker

Smoking is prohibited on our flights


Geography is Pita

geography is destiny

The most delicious part, the net

special section

With cliché word games


Once upon a time it didn’t come down from the skies! Those who saw the final version could not believe their eyes …

shouldn't say what happened

Even though the reactions about this project are like this, there are restaurants in various parts of our country that are off the plane. If you saw such a place, would you like to give it a try?

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