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Supercell Announces Three New Games to Take Place in the Clash Universe

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Supercell, the name behind some of today’s most popular games, announced three new games that will take place in the Clash universe today. The company has added new ways of gameplay to the Clash universe with each new game.

Continuing to be among the most popular mobile games for years Clash of Clanshas witnessed many changes made by the developer team to date. Today, this popular game is the name behind games like Brawl Stars and Hay Day. SupercellAnnounced with a statement that it shared three new games that will take place in the Clash universe.

The company, which says that under normal conditions, does not articulate the games that are in the development stage so clearly, Unlike the previous Clash games stated. Aiming to develop brand new ways of entertainment and gameplay, the company aims to offer these new ways to players with its new games. Three new games announced by Supercell, Clash Quest, Clash Mini and Clash Heroes will bear their names. The company also shared a few details about the games in the 10-minute announcement video it released for the games.

Clash Quest:

Clash Quest, as we can see from the video turn-based will combine it with games. The characters that will take part in the game will have powers like in other Clash games. Each war will consist of different phases. We will enter the matches with a limited number of soldiers, when we lose the soldiers, we will lose the war.

Clash Mini:

clash mini

Clash Mini, one of the first two games developed by Supercell’s studio in Shanghai, has a similar system to Riot Games’ Teamfight Tactics game. Two rival players puts his characters on the battlefield, when docking is complete characters fight automatically.

Clash Heroes:

clash heroes

Clash Heroes, the third game developed by the Shanghai studio, completely under the control of the players leaving. We progress by killing the enemies on the map in the game and complete the stages.


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The company has not given a date for when the three games it promotes will be released. But if you want to follow the games closely to official Twitter accounts For Clash Quest from this linkFor Clash Mini from this link and for Clash Heroes from this link you can reach.

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