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Claiming a new iPhone SE will upset those who expect it this year

by tenderpuls

According to information provided by Ross Young, Apple is not planning to announce a new iPhone SE this year. The company will reveal new iPhone SE models in 2022 and 2023.

Although the iPhone series are popular models of the “premium” smartphone segment, they are launched with more modest features and a modest price tag. iPhone SE models are closely followed and preferred by a wide consumer community. So how far are we from the next iPhone SE model and what features await us?

Ross Young, who has previously made many consistent leaks related to Apple products, shared information about the new iPhone SE. Accordingly, contrary to most claims, the new iPhone SE is not this year 2022It will appear in. 4.7 inch LCD screen the smartphone will have, below 6 Ghz 5G support will also have.

If we say the real bomb is coming in 2023, it would be appropriate. Accordingly, Apple 2023 in the year 6.1 inch will introduce a new iPhone SE. This new model gets rid of the notch, enabling a higher screen-to-body ratio. perforated screen will prefer design. It’s hard to confirm already, as the statements are for the year 2023, but it wouldn’t be a big surprise that Apple has switched to a perforated screen design to offer a wider range of use on the screen.

The concept image right above provides a preview of what kind of design the iPhone SE with its perforated screen can offer. Apple’s still reaching from one end of the screen to the other wide notches Considering that it uses, we can guess that the perforated screen design will satisfy many Apple fans more.

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