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The New Target of the Linç Crew is Pqueen

by tenderpuls

Pqueen, who was exposed to censorship after a broadcast she shared on Twitter, saw that her statements were not cared for, and started a counter attack and faced an even greater reaction with her repeated posts.

One of Turkey’s most successful publishers Twitch Pelin “Pqueen“Baynazoğlu, Shortly before Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş with the live broadcast Twitch broke the record for Turkey’s immediate audience and both pre-broadcast and live broadcast He managed to sit on the agenda of social media.

Social media, especially Twitter, is still nowadays. Filled with “Pqueen” posts Unfortunately, most of the posts this time made are of the kind that did not please Pqueen. Because Pqueen, who was praised after a live broadcast with Mansur Yavaş, is nowadays trying to resist the wave of lynching.

Pqueen’s tweet that ignited the wick

Yesterday, the last live live on his Twitter account Sharing a snippet of the broadcast Pqueen, to explain “Cases, dollars, cart curt; Me: ” while writing; in the relevant section of the publication “but get up, get upHe was beating belly, saying, accompanied by a darbuka. Those who saw the post accused Pqueen of not taking the country’s agenda seriously; suddenly the reactions grew like an avalanche, and eventually Pqueen He had to “hide” his Twitter account.

pqueen tweet reply

When Pqueen saw that a link was approaching, he chose to explain why he posted such a post rather than deleting his post, and in response to his first post “Otherwise we’ll go crazy, please welcome us with a little understanding.” He shared a second post in the form. Seeing that these statements could not soften the effect of the sharing, Pqueen, and then Seda Sayan during a program. There is a crisis girl, get up By sharing the video he started playing, he showed how his lynched post was inspired by it.

Some of the lynching tweets shared by Pqueen himself

pqueen lynch

By sharing screenshots of some of the tweets that lynched him at night “I love you too, it was a shame” Pqueen said, then “Who doesn’t understand irony, humor, laughter bomb a generation is catching up. Let’s see the lion pieces are the strength of your mind. saying, he went to the fire with more fuel.

Some of Pqueen’s post lynch posts

pqueen tweet

pqueen tweet

pqueen tweet

pqueen tweet

pqueen tweet

Seeing that his statements do not matter to those who lynch him and that he criticizes almost everything that is not related to the subject, from the gain to the appearance of those who react to his post, Pqueen said, He decided to counter attack instead of backing down and started to post even more upsetting those who reacted to him. For now, Pqueen’s Twitter account is “hidden”, so only people who follow him can see his posts.

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