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Instagram Releases Remix Feature For Reels

by tenderpuls

Instagram has launched a new feature for Reels videos. This feature, called “Remix”, allows two Reels videos to be placed side by side for sharing. Remix feature for Reels is included in the latest version of the application.

TikTok-like feature a while ago “Reels“Instagram, which offered to the service of users, announced today that it has developed this feature a little more. According to the statements made by Instagram, users are added to Reels from now on.”Remix“They will be able to benefit from a feature named” So what does the Remix feature promise to users?

Reels’ Remix feature allows users to view a different Reels video uploaded to the app with their own videos. joining provides. Thus, users will be able to share by bringing two Reels videos side by side from now on. The feature, which is very easy to use, will be available if you install the latest version of the application. Instagram’s Remix feature for Reels how is it used?

What you need to do to combine two Reels videos on Instagram

In order to take advantage of the Remix feature created by Instagram for Reels, you first need to create a video that you will combine your Reels you need to choose. Right after that, click on the three dots on the screen and “Remix this ReelsTap the “button. On the page you are directed to, you will see both the original Reels video and the section where you can create your own Reels video. After you shoot your video and edit it, you will see the two Reels videos. side by side you can make a share.


Comes to Instagram to Save Stories as Draft Feature

By the way, although Instagram developers have announced that they have made this feature available, all devices have yet to use this feature. unrelated they can be. However, if you check every few hours, you will see that the feature becomes active after a while.

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