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Data of Yemeksepeti Users Fell into Dark Web

by tenderpuls

User information stolen as part of the cyber attack on Yemeksepeti was offered for sale through the Dark Web. Information sold through cryptocurrencies may cause the Yemeksepeti users to experience annoying events.

One of the important items on the agenda in recent days of internet users in Turkey Food basket‘what made it was a cyber attack. Hackers or hackers managed to infiltrate Yemeksepeti’s user database and seized some user data, and a statement on the subject came from Yemeksepeti. In a content we shared with you yesterday, BTK’s IP address detection because he did we mentioned.

The attack on Yemeksepeti, the National Cyber ​​Incidents Response Center affiliated with BTK (USOMRepelled by the interventions made by). However, studies conducted could not prevent the dissemination of user data on the internet. Stolen data is now Dark Web sold through. Hackers who hold the information, which cannot be tracked as a payment method, crypto coins they prefer.

There is nothing users can do

Continuing to work as a cyber security expert Tarik Ustunermade some statements on the subject. Saying that almost every user who enters the Dark Web can see the data captured in the Yemeksepeti attack, the cyber security expert priced according to the level of accuracy explained. According to Tarık Üstüner, the data to be purchased from these places are searched for people constantly, “Would you like to benefit from our campaign?“will lead to the question.


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Although this situation worries Yemeksepeti users, from now on there is nothing left to do need to be clearly stated. Hackers will continue to sell users’ information until they make as much money as they want. Let’s say you are a Yemeksepeti user. Which data of yours Could it have fallen on the Dark Web?

  • Name surname
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone numbers registered in Yemeksepeti
  • E-mail addresses registered in Yemeksepeti
  • Registered home and work address information on Yemeksepeti
  • Data of user passwords encrypted with SHA-256 algorithm

As you can see above, any information you provide to Yemeksepeti may be available for sale on the Dark Web as of now. At this point, we can say that other hackers will care about your e-mail addresses and your home and work address. SHA-256 algorithm will prevent your stolen password from being deciphered, but it will still prevent your password used in Yemeksepeti. not to use again may be to your advantage. Also, if you are wondering how much your information will sell on the Dark Web, you can here We are waiting for our content.

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