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Yandex’s Logo Has Changed: Here’s The New Logo

by tenderpuls

Yandex’s logo has been changed. The company, which was established as a search engine and has become an alternative to Google over the years, now uses a more modern logo. The logo, which shows itself only in the search engine at the moment, will take place in all services in the future.

Born as a Russia-based search engine and has developed itself over the years and has become an alternative to Google Yandex., renewed the logo used in its services. A little more modern The resulting logo seems to add a new atmosphere to Yandex.

The logo that Yandex has been using for a long time is the red letter y emphasized had a design. While maintaining this design language, the company modernized it a little more, now making the letter y in that logo dashed. The company, which also changed the font style used in the previous logo, favicon has adapted it according to the new logo.

Introducing Yandex’s new logo

Yandex’s old logo looked like this


When we check the services offered by Yandex, your new logo is for now only in search engine We see it confronting us. However, services such as Yandex Map, Yandex Translate, Yandex Browser and Yandex Ticket do not display the company’s new logo yet. Ancillary services It is expected to start using the new logo after a short time.


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Yandex, a detailed explanation about the logo change did not. However, from the Twitter account opened from the company’s headquarters in Russia made The officials announced that the logo was changed in a statement, and the new logo was also used in other services after a very short time. that it will start to show itself they explained. So what are your thoughts on this subject? Do you like Yandex’s new logo?

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