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Website Powered by 100 Percent Solar Energy

by tenderpuls

A website that publishes more content on environmental problems and global warming has been made 100 percent solar powered. This website, called Low-tech Magazine, provides all the needs for its operation from the sun, and with its special design, it causes the site visitors to consume less energy.

The world is getting more and more polluted with each passing day. Life is getting more and more technological, the use of the internet is becoming widespread and people seem to never be tomorrow energy consumption does not paint a positive picture for our planet. The increasing use of the internet in recent years and the fact that we are now online almost 24 hours a day also increases the energy we consume directly. If a website is to attract attention He started a very important project.

Producing content on environmental problems and global warming Low-tech Magazine A website named, has been turned into an environmentally friendly one. The owners of the site, who made the center in Barcelona working with solar energy, so that the site can remain active. to benefit from the sun they started. Developers, who started to use a special design to reduce the energy consumption of consumers, thus enabled both themselves and their followers to consume less energy.

Here is a 100 percent solar powered website

The software developers who develop the website, the general structure of the site more static they made it together. In this way, the site, which needs less processing power for backend protection and loading pages, enables the followers to consume less energy. In addition, compressed images using certain tones are used by the team using a single text style, thus preventing additional downloads. According to the site owners, such a design is the energy used by Low-tech Magazine’s traditional websites. with only 10 percent makes it work.


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The fact that the servers of the website and all the equipment required for its operation are powered by solar energy, makes it go offline. The team, which constantly informs its users on this issue, states that the site may not work according to the weather forecast in Barcelona. Impressive website, in the coming years of a new trend It seems like it can get started.

To the website running on 100 percent solar energy here You can reach it through the connector.

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