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YouTube to Hide ‘Dislike’ Numbers in Videos

by tenderpuls

The video sharing platform YouTube announced that it has tested several designs that will hide the number of dislikes in videos in its sharing on its Twitter account. While this move gathered reactions from some users, interesting allegations were made.

Google aims to increase the user experience and improve the general state of the platform by constantly introducing new features to the giant video sharing platform YouTube. Nowadays, one of the biggest problems of YouTube is that we encounter from time to time, which is very sad for the owners of the video. dislike attacks.

Some videos on YouTube for any reason can be attacked by dislike, regardless of the uploader. This is very important in the number of likes and dislikes of the videos. a negative outlook reveals. Today, news came from YouTube that a feature that will not eliminate this situation, but will hide it, has been tested.

Dislike numbers can be hidden:

According to the information transferred by YouTube from Twitter, YouTube said, “several new designs that do not show the number of dislikes“It’s testing. One of these designs shows how many likes a video has received, but not how many users didn’t like it. But this does not prevent users from disliking a video.”

Video uploaders can still see the ratio of likes and dislikes to their videos on YouTube Studio. The reason the company is testing such a feature is “Content creators Respond to your feedback on dislike campaigns“Shared in the form.

As for other YouTube designs, we don’t have any clues at the moment. However, the company does not support YouTube’s users who can currently use this feature. in the coming weeks informed that they may encounter new designs. YouTube’s doing such a move gathered the reaction of some users.


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Were the Joe Biden videos one of the reasons for this?


Below YouTube’s Twitter post, a user has also posted that we can justify why such a move might have been made. As you know, social media giants, along with the events that took place after the US elections Against donald trump he had made drastic moves. Videos that have been uploaded to YouTube from the official White House account and showing Joe Biden’s speech have achieved a dominant number of dislikes so far. This is it an organized attack It was a sign that it was happening.

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