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Video allegedly ‘nano robot’ inside masks

by tenderpuls

According to the video shared by an Instagram user, there are nano robots for the masks that we have been using for about a year. So, is this claim actually grounded? What exactly is the “thing” seen in the video?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic affected the world conspiracy theories it is not cut back and forth. From the production of SARS-COV-2 in a laboratory in Wuhan outbreak with Bill Gates behind him Conspiracy theories were frequently brought up by those who saw the big picture (!) around the world for months.

Throughout the epidemic, one of the topics that are material to conspiracy theories mask use was a must. A new video shared by a Turkish Instagram user in Germany has revealed a new theory about the masks we wear in almost all areas of social life for the past year.

“Nano robots are killing us slowly by disrupting our DNA”

According to the claims in the video, on all masks in the world nano robots has. When the masks are exposed to hot water vapor, these nano robots go out of the mask and become active. Allegedly, these nano robots enter our bodies when we wear masks. It breaks our DNA and it’s killing us slowly.

So what exactly are these black dots clearly visible in the video? Are there really nano robots in the masks we have worn almost everywhere for a year? First of all, the unit of measurement we refer to as “nano” is equivalent to about one billionth of a meter. So It is not possible to view anything in nanoscale with a smartphone camera.

We don’t have to worry about nano robots, for now (!)

parasite worm

Now that we have eliminated the “nano” part, let’s come to the “robot” part of the theory. Today’s technology does not allow robots of these sizes to be developed. Even if it is possible to produce such high-tech robots, We can have 50-60 kuruş It is not even possible to estimate the financial burden of integrating multiple robots into masks.

Well, let’s say the “thing” on the mask in the video in question is not a robot. So what exactly? As many of us can imagine, what is found on the mask in the video and moving “wiggling” is a parasite known as worms. microscopic living. These creatures, which we cannot see because they are extremely small and mostly immobile, and which we cannot understand even if we see, under normal conditions, are in our clothes and even it’s even inside our body. New, at least for the moment, we don’t have to worry about nano robots.

The video in question, “contains misleading medical information” Cannot be published on YouTube on the grounds. You can click here to watch the video on Instagram.

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