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Lost 600K Dollars in Fake App in App Store

by tenderpuls

The App Store, known for its reliability, this time indirectly caused a user to lose 600 thousand dollars worth of savings. Believing in the fake application published in the App Store, the user stated that he completely lost his trust in Apple.

Apple’s app store App Storeis known as a secure platform, especially with its sensitivity to the approval of applications to be published in the store. However, a user named Phillippe Christodoulou, who is in the story we will tell today, reacted to Apple about losing all his savings. The reaction was expressed by the theft of Phillippe’s $ 600,000 worth of Bitcoin.

According to Phillippe quotes, a fake applicationcaused all of the Bitcoins he had accumulated to be stolen. This app was named after Trezor, a popular cryptocurrency wallet. However, the Trezor app that Phillippe downloaded was a fake of the actual app. Phillippe, the victim of fraudulent practice, 17.1 BitcoinIn other words, it lost 666 thousand dollars according to the Bitcoin value at the time of writing this article.

He fell victim to a fake application published in January:

Trezor’s fake application was published on the App Store last January. Phillippe, who transferred his savings to his wallet in this application, after a while when he logged into the application to check his wallet that you have no savings he saw. Because the fake app is rated 5 stars on the App Store, Phillippe is unfortunately not at all had no doubt.

Justifiably annoyed by this incident that he was the victim of, Phillippe stated that he was a loyal Apple user before, but after this incident, Phillippe that you lost faith in the company stated. “Apple doesn’t deserve to get away with this.“A statement was made by Apple about the application that the user who spoke as a victim.


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The reason why the fake Trezor app was published on the App Store when the developers made the app for review they change their purpose gave in the form. In the app description Trezor has a cryptography application is, any Does not include cryptocurrency exchanges was stated. This led to the fake app being launched on the App Store on January 22.

After the application has been published, developers can discontinue the application as a cryptography application. that the application is a cryptocurrency wallet Wrote. Of application by Trezor after being reported as a fake application Apple banned the fake app and blocked the developers as well. However, what happened. It is not yet known whether Phillippe will take the damage or not Apple will compensate. This example reminded us that we shouldn’t blindly trust the apps in app stores again.

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