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Gotham Knights is the sequel to Batman Arkham Knight?

by tenderpuls

New details are emerging about Gotham Knights, the highly anticipated DC game of 2021. Another curious issue about Gotham Knights, where dozens of characters from the Batman universe will take place, is whether this game will be a sequel to Batman Arkham Knight, released in 2015. In this content, we take a closer look at the answer to this question and the details of the Gotham Knights game.

From 2009 to 2015 Batman Arkham seriesHas hosted games that offer a lot of gameplay even if you’re not a DC and Batman fan. Last game released in 2015 Batman Arkham KnightAfter the series and DC, there was no statement about a new game for almost 5 years.

After a long silence, towards the end of 2020, DC started to share with us its new games that will take place in the Batman universe. The event with its different structure and quite a variety of characters from the Batman universe. Gotham KnightsIt will be released in 2021. Well despite the similarities Is Gotham Knights really the sequel to Batman Arkham Knight? We take a closer look at the answer to this question along with the details of the Gotham Knights game.

Will Gotham Knights be the sequel to Batman Arkham Knight?

It was not an unlikely matter that Gotham Knights could be a sequel to the Batman Arkham series. Because the developer studio of the first Batman Arkham game, WB Games Montreal his team is the studio that also developed Gotham Knights. But after the first game, the Batman Arkham series passed into the hands of Rocksteady Studios. Naturally, this is why Gotham Knights is not announced as a sequel to the Arkham series. some similarities has.

The main point of confusion is in the teaser trailer of Gotham Knights, as a result of an explosion in Batcave. Batman’s death It comes across as showing. Batman Arkham Knight, released in 2015, had a similar ending. Therefore, although Gotham Knights seems to pick up where the last Batman game left off, this link is officially denied by WB Games.

Gotham Knights will be linked to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League instead of Batman Arkham Knight:

Another piece of information that makes things even more complicated is Gotham Knights; which will be the new Rocksteady Studios game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Said to be linked to the game. In addition, although the new Suicide Squad game is not similar to the Arkham games, it will take place in the same universe as Arkham. With this logic, Gotham Knights should also be linked to the Arkham series.

That’s why Gotham Knights is most likely with the Arkham series “unofficial“It looks like it will have a link. Since the Suicide Squad game will be released in 2022 at the earliest, it is not yet known in which direction these connections will be. As more information emerges about Suicide Squad, which is the key point in this subject, the connection between these three games will also come to light. Until this information comes to light Gotham Knights Let’s take a closer look at the new information emerging about.

What game will Gotham Knights be?

Although “new batman gameGotham Knights is actually a game that has nothing to do with Batman. After Batman’s “alleged” death, the fight against crime in Gotham City will give “side characters” who will occasionally assist Batman. Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood Featuring four playable characters, Gotham Knights can be played as a two-person co-op in addition to the single player mode.

Another nice detail about Gotham Knights is that the game will be open world. Open world and some major role-playing elements will also be included in the game. Enemies and players will have levels and we will be able to level up in side missions in the open world as we go on missions. In addition, the biggest benefit of the open world will be that we can develop Batman technologies thanks to looting and the parts we find.

The story of Gotham Knights won’t be linked to the comics:

gotham knights mr.  freeze

Although Gotham Knights is generally set in the DC Batman universe, the main story of the game will not be linked to the comics or other emerging Batman productions. That’s why Gotham Knights has new and never-before-seen to an original story we will witness. Of course, this new story is the well-known Gotham and Batman It will be created with characters.

The main villain in the game Court of owls It will be a criminal organization known by its name. It seems that we will see this organization in the upcoming movie The Batman starring Robert Pattinson. Also Gotham Knights, Mr. Freeze and League of Assassins Like Batman, it will be home to the well-known villains of the universe.

Gotham Knights will be a game without monotony:

gotham knights characters

We mentioned that there will be at least four playable characters in Gotham Knights. WB Games is not content with this, and each of these characters is different and unique skill trees will give. Gotham Knights’ creative director Patrick Redding said the secret to the success of the game lies in making each character unique. For this reason, each character will have unique abilities, and in the co-op game mode, players will be able to complement each other with these different abilities and create quite fun combos.

Also, some of our playable characters in the game Batman technologies be able to use. The best known example of this is that Robin will be able to make short range teleport using Wayne company satellites. But unlike other Batman games, these technologies will be fully integrated into the Gotham Knights game in an original way.


Full Details About ‘Gotham Knights’, The New Game That Will Keep Alive The Spirit Of The Batman Arkham Series

Although Gotham Knights will not be an official sequel to Batman Arkham Knight, it seems that we will see similarities that will keep the spirit of the Arkham series alive. As the details of the Suicide Squad game emerge, we will be able to see the connection between these three games more transparently. You can also share your views about the upcoming Gotham Knights with us in the comments section.

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