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Google Maps Will Evolve: Here Are The Future Features

by tenderpuls

Google Maps will officially evolve if we look at the company’s announcement today. The application will have many important features this year. One of these features will be to guide you by using augmented reality technology in our camera while inside a place.

Today, with the opportunities it provides, it has managed to go beyond being just a map application. Google MapsAccording to the statement made by Google today, it will soon be a completely different application. One of the features the company will bring to its application will be ‘Live View’, which is assisted by augmented reality.

In addition, the application offers new layers of weather and quality, the ability to offer drivers with the least carbon dioxide generated routes and From Microsoft Flight Simulator to a feature we know will also meet. Let’s take a look at these features that Google will add to the Maps application one by one.

We will be able to get directions within a space with augmented reality:


This feature, which will be broadcast under the name of ‘Live View’, directions with augmented reality the feature of receiving to indoors will carry. Although it does not have a magnificent GPS signal, the application will be able to determine exactly where you are, for example, it will guide you through your camera in a shopping mall you are in. While the feature is currently available in shopping malls in select cities in the USA, it will gradually begin to roll out to the world in the coming months.

Weather and air quality will be shown:

google maps

In the area you are located or headed to. weather condition and quality If you want to learn, Google Maps will now be able to do that too. In this way, you will be able to avoid bad weather while driving, and if you have allergies, you will be able to get away from places with poor quality air. This feature will be available to Android and iOS users around the world in the coming months.

Environmentally friendly driving route:

google maps

Speaking of air quality, Google Routes where carbon dioxide will be minimized will also start showing drivers. In addition to the feature that will be released later this year, low emission zones will also be displayed on the maps. The feature will initially be released in Germany, France, Spain and the UK in June, with more countries to be added as time goes on.


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3D layer will be added to Google Maps:

google maps

This feature, which is one of the biggest features of the application, will literally turn the map into reality. The feature is also used in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which has been praised for its proximity to the real world. with photogrammetry technology it’s going to be possible. All details on the map will be automatically created and displayed by Google. When this feature will be released has not been announced yet.

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