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Facebook and Google to Run Internet Cable Under the Sea

by tenderpuls

Internet cables will be drawn between the USA and Southeast Asia with two new projects jointly initiated by Google and Facebook. Within the scope of these projects called Echo and Bifrost, the internet in these regions is expected to accelerate and become more secure.

The need for the Internet is increasing day by day, which forces the giants of the industry to carry out new studies. In this context, making a common statement Facebook and Google officials announced that a joint effort will be carried out to improve the internet need in some regions. According to the statements made by the companies Southeast Asia with the USA Two internet cables will be drawn between them. Cables going from the bottom of the ocean are expected to both increase internet speed and make the internet more secure.

According to Facebook’s statements, cables to be pulled from the bottom of the ocean, North America and Singapore and Indonesia will connect together. Stating that these cables will increase the internet capacity, the officials also underlined that the projects require legal approval. Expectations are, when this project is completed, the internet capacity in these regions 70 percent in the direction of increasing up.

Cable projects that will connect North America and Southeast Asia are called “Echo” and “Bifrost”.

Google, which made statements on the subject, “EchoHe announced that they will invest in the cable project, which will be named as “. With this cable, the latency time of Google services will be reduced in these regions. In particular. Google Cloud PlatformApplications running the Echo will be able to be used much more effectively.


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Statements made by technology giants reveal that the ties between North America and Southeast Asia will strengthen. However, when these internet cables will be completed is a big secret for now. Google, the cable named Echo 2023 Although he says he wants it to be ready for use in 2016, this is not an exact date. BifrostThere is not even any prediction as to when it will be ready.

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