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Enes Batur’s YouTube Channel Banned Once Again

by tenderpuls

Enes Batur’s YouTube channel was banned from uploading a new video due to a video published 5 years ago. Announcing the ban in a statement he made on social media, Batur announced that the video he wanted to upload was special content for 15 million subscribers. YouTuber had similar problems in the past.

In Turkey, especially from the beginning of exceptionally loved by children youtuber Enes BaturWas partially banned from the platform for violating the YouTube Community Guidelines. Enes Batur, who made statements on the subject, 15 million subscribers He said that while uploading the video he prepared for, he received a warning due to a video from 5 years ago, so he could not upload the video in question.

Enes Batur, from this Uploaded 5 years ago and did not disclose which video is preventing video upload today. Stating that he started the necessary initiatives on the issue, Batur stated that he will do his best to solve the problem.

Enes Batur has faced similar bans before

Enes Batur is not punished for the first time from YouTube. Before similar events The YouTuber, who received penalties for the reason, managed to remove the restrictions on the video sharing platform. Similarly, the bans experienced at that time were related to the videos uploaded in the previous periods.

Batur, if a year ago the disclosure of stolen videos YouTube channel threatens to shut down was left. Time will tell whether the YouTuber will be able to lift the ban in question this time.

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