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A New Update for Rebirth Released on PC

by tenderpuls

The Adventure mod update for Amnesia: Rebirth, the sequel to the Amnesia series, which is among the best horror games in the world, has been released. With this update released for the PC platform, the game will be a little less scary.

Amnesia: The Dark Descentthat made Rebirth the sequel to its terrifying and bohemian vibe and to be played just as an adventure. With Adventure Mod the game might have gotten pretty strange. With the mod published for the PC platform, only “adventure”You are living. Rich in adventure items Rebirthwill give players a good experience with its new mode? A great unknown.

Over the past year game critics have consistently “in terms of fear“Criticized for providing a bad experience, having too many adventure items By Frictional Games it was supposed to actually make the game more scary. SOMAMany in-game difficulties disappear with the adventure mode, which is a safe mode-like mode added to. It is stated that Amnesia: Rebirth, which is certain to not experience an Indiana Jones style experience, has removed the worrying elements in the game.

Everywhere is bright, everywhere is like Rebirth

Everywhere is bright in the game now. Now you can say goodbye to the days when you walk around with a match in your hand Amnesia technology has come to the world. Remove the match and replace it They put on a light bulb the game is clear. Is it a horror game with no horror element? We think not, but the subject of the game was designed in a way that it can actually handle it to some extent.


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Amnesia: Survivors of the plane crashed in the Sahara desert in Algeria on Rebirth Tasi Trianon we were playing In the middle of the desert, what happened to us while trying to shed light “Run and get away or matches are everything” their motto is now in vain. The game is mostly in the mode of solving puzzles, moving items and living the story. PlaystationWith this update coming soon, you will be able to continue your adventure on the console.

Do you think Amnesia tastes without fear? What do you think of the adventure mode coming to Rebirth? Please specify in the comments.

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