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Dual Port Prototype Photos of the First Generation iPad

by tenderpuls

An Apple collector named Giulio Zompetti shared photos of the first generation iPad prototype with two different connectors, bottom and left.

Some of the prototype images leaked to the internet by tech lovers like Giulio Zompetti have become a part of our daily lives today. smart devices such as tablets or phones reveals.

Zompetti, which makes a collection of Apple’s rare devices that are no longer available in the market, is actually in the brand’s first generation iPads. two different connection inputs showing that he wanted to use it but then gave up. iPad prototype shared.

According to the prototype, the connection input is positioned both at the bottom and on the left.

First generation iPads With a single 30-pin connector was presented together. Thanks to the connection socket at the bottom, the device could be charged and attached to the keyboard that Apple offered for sale under its name.

Zompetti’s post on Twitter is not only at the bottom of the first iPad prototype, a connection port is placed on the left side is showing. Simultaneous charging support two connection input ideas that are expected to offer, most likely shortly before production Denied by Steve Jobs and the first generation iPads were offered for sale with only one connection input.


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