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Domestic Mobile Games Getting More Than Average

by tenderpuls

Turkey Game Industry Report 2020 by the native mobile games, application store in the world are getting appreciation above the world average. One of the most important factors of this is that Turkish broadcasters analyze the actors better.

Mobile games industry, especially the last few years in Turkey had risen to a serious attack case. Domestic game studios open their mobile games to a whole world and reach tens of millions of players with huge investments. Published by Gaming in Turkey “Turkey Game Industry Report 2020“A table with the number of mobile game industry in Turkey, while also pouring compared with the world.

According to the information shared, 2 thousand 689 of the 171 thousand 986 game publishers on Google Play are domestic publishers. In addition, 8 thousand 55 of the 439 thousand 890 games in the Play Store are domestic productions. While the average score of the games in the Play Store was 3.76; average score of domestic productions 3.94 happened. Thus, our domestic mobile games that it is appreciated above the world average We can easily say.

Head Ball 2 and Basketball Arena became one of the most successful domestic mobile games in the international market.

The most popular games published by local mobile game developers are 101 Okey Plus, Basketball arena, Presidents, Batak, Bus Simulator, Fun Okey 101, Head Ball 2, Recontact Istanbul, Recontact London and Zula Mobile. Ozan Aydemir, Founder of Gaming in Turkey Gaming and Esports Agency, made a statement on the subject and said the following about the success of domestic mobile games:

“Our local game developer companies are working in a more detailed way like many other businesses. Turkish broadcasters analyze the demands and expectations of the players very well and while developing its games, it makes improvements according to these results. This makes the games more liked by the players. Finally, our position as a bridge to many geographies contributes to our blending with many cultures and, in this respect, to produce games that appeal to different cultures. “

Gaming sector became the sector with the most investment

basketball arena

With the impact of the coronavirus epidemic of the gaming industry, it grew by 9.3 percent last year To 159 billion dollars Stating that he has reached Aydemir, “This growth was also felt in our country, and the number of players, which was 32 million last year, increased to 36 million, and the total revenue from 830 million dollars to 880 million dollars.” Stating that the sale of shares in the gaming industry created a volume of $ 2 billion in the 9-month period last year, he continued his statements as follows:

“All these developments have made the gaming industry the sector that receives the most investment. The game industry is a new but extremely aggressive growing market both in our country and in the world. It is a sector with a high risk but a much greater return. The gaming industry has turned into the new favorite of many investors. We believe that these investments will grow with each passing day.

79 percent of adults in Turkey was a mobile game players. This was directly reflected in the number of players and revenue figures. Another reason for growing up increased awareness of games happened. The development and easy accessibility of smart mobile devices also provided easy access to games. With our mobile devices that are with us at any moment of the day, we can play any game we want at any time. This allows the number of players and revenues to grow rapidly. “

Stating that mobile games dominate the game ecosystem with a huge turnover of 70 billion dollars, Aydemir said, “While PC games are important in esports, now mobile games have become a voice in esports. During the pandemic period, general weight, hyper-casual style games and PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, LOL Wild Rift, Brawls Stars, Head Ball 2 and games such as Lords Mobile that can appeal to large audiences where online competition is very intense ” He spoke in the form.

By the way, you can download Head Ball 2 and Basketball Arena developed by our sister company Masomo from the links below.

  • Basketball arena


  • Basketball arena


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