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Clubhouse Statement by Hadise: I Will Take Legal Action

by tenderpuls

The singer Hadise, who made a statement about a person opening a fake Clubhouse account using his name and talking to people by imitating his voice on the weekend, said that he will take legal action on the issue.

One of the most popular mobile applications of recent times Clubhouse, more famous names in the social network application descriptions or that technology giants are working on similar applications comes to the fore with, but this time the subject is a person in Clubhouse imitating the famous singer Hadise.

According to the statement made by Hadise himself, a person was at the Clubhouse last night. a fake “Hadise” account and in the chat rooms he entered through this account, he mimicked the voice of the singer Hadise and talked to people and even sang songs.

“I will take legal action on the subject”

False Hadise will have attracted much attention in Clubhouse that the subject has reached the ears of the real Hadise. Hadise, who shared a new story from her Instagram account, that he will take the matter to law While expressing, he included the following statements in his statements:

An account opened in my name at Clubhouse, a platform that I was never on last night, imitated my voice and talked to people as if it was me, even even sang. I want it to be known that we will initiate legal proceedings on the subject on Monday. “

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