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YouTube Announces Decreasing Video Quality in Europe

by tenderpuls

YouTube will now offer a standard streaming speed for its videos in order to meet the high demand. Previously, Netflix had brought an upper limit to resolution so that everyone could watch something at home.

YouTube is in Europe these days, when the majority of people are closed to their homes due to the pandemic. to video quality He decided to set a border. The reason for this decision is to prevent the lines from drowning due to the large number of users.

Making a statement to Reuters, the company said “It will temporarily convert all traffic within the EU to standard resolution by default.“He pledged. This decision was made by the EU’s industry name Twhat hierry Breton did to broadcast services came after the call.

What did Breton say?

Due to the pandemic that has been going on for more than a year, many people He is not able to leave or leave his house. Consequently, many people have turned to the internet for various reasons. Especially for education and working life internet is also used.

Thierry Breton was one of the publishing platforms in this period. reduce broadcast quality across the continent.had wanted. He showed that the reason for this request was the difficulty of the continental infrastructure due to the intensity.


Automatic Product Recognition and Suggestion Feature Comes to Youtube

Netflix first answered the call and For 30 days He had announced that they would lower the bitrate in their broadcasts. Thus, Netflix’s traffic across Europe will be reduced by 25%. Video conferencing and telework create traffic that stays small alongside internet broadcasting and games.

Service providers do not agree



YouTube Now Checks for Copyright Violations and Ad Compliance Before Videos Are Published

Internet service providers at a level to meet the increasing demand of their own infrastructures says it is. British telecommunications firm BT recently stated that they are seeing an increase of between 35% and 60%, with more space until they reach their full capacity.

Also operating in our country Vodafone and TalkTalk, another telecommunications firm, told the BBC that they are facing an increase in internet traffic, but this does not strain their capacity.

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