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Twitter Fraudsters Seize Celebrity Accounts

by tenderpuls

The verified accounts of many famous names on Twitter were taken over by malicious people and deceptive posts were made from these accounts. Posts stating that donations were collected directed users to a website.

In addition to the goodness it offers us, the Internet can also host many bad situations. One of them is the endless fraudsters. If you remember In July 2020 we have seen the peak of this situation. Twitter accounts of names such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos capturedwith the promise to give back twice of these accounts Bitcoin had been requested.

Today, new scammers, whose main purpose is the same, who wanted to make money unfairly, followed a similar method. As far as we can detect so far on Twitter several verified accounts Malicious individuals who managed to capture have included some websites in their posts and here that they donated He claimed.

Many famous names have been taken over:

As far as we wrote this article, ABC News server is among the names whose accounts have been seized on Twitter. Jessica harmsenNITV News server Natalie ahmat and basketball player in the French Basketball League Adreian payne, singer Nena, baseball player Taylor James Snyder and verified accounts of many famous names.


Moreover, the scammers used the names of some of these accounts. “TESLA” to profile photos Tesla’s logo placed. These accounts, which became highly convincing with their verified account tags, regained their original names after a while. Also your accounts Twitter profile photos and shared Tweets have been removed by Twitter.


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Although we do not know how big the event will grow or when it will end, we do not know which account to trust during this process. acting skeptically There are benefits. It is also of great importance that you do not access websites provided by scammers. Because these sites can somehow capture your information from your internet browser or directly from your computer.

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