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Photo with Wild Hunt arrives from the Witcher’s set

by tenderpuls

An exciting image was shared about the second season of The Witcher, where Netflix continues to shoot. The image featured horrible and terrifying armored characters, showing that Wild Hunt may have been in action.

Popular adaptation of Netflix that delights its viewers The Witchercontinues on its way to meet the audience again with its second season. Normally, the series, which is planned to be broadcast in the first half of this year, is due to coronavirus like many productions. Will hang on to 2022 looks like The absence of an official statement on history strengthens this possibility.

While the second season of The Witcher is still under production, Netflix shared very little details about the series. So much so that the last image we saw from the second season appeared weeks ago. Today, compared to the images we have seen before a much more detailed view shared. The images we see may sound very familiar, especially to those who played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Is Wild Hunt coming in the new season?

Not officially shared by Netflix, NetflixWitcher In the image shared by a Twitter user named, we see the horse and the characters who are completely covered in armor. That the Wild Hunt group got in motion The scary armor used by the characters in this image, which shows us, reminds us to a great extent of Eredin and his soldiers. In the image, Eredin itself appears to be absent.

In addition, the Tweet shared by NetflixWitcher included one of the places where the series is currently being shot. According to local residents, season two of The Witcher is in North Devon, England. On Saunton Sands beach withdraws. If the footage is new, it can be said that shots that were interrupted several times are back on track.


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Netflix recently announced the names and characters we will see in the new season in the recent announcement of The Witcher. Accordingly The Witcher, Nenneke Adjoa Andoh in the role of Phillippa eilhart Cassie Clare as Fenn Liz Carr in the role of Dijkstra Graham McTavish in the role of Ba’lian Kevin Doyle as Cordingher as Simon Callow and Rience will feature Chris Fulton in the role.

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