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Most used Internet browser in Turkey Announced

by tenderpuls

According to a recent report published by WA Area Social most used internet browser in Turkey it became clear. Although the top name Chrome is predicted to be the first, its competitors have been on the rise this year.

Turkey constitutes a detailed digital profile with We Are Social Hootsuite, our country most popular browsers also listed. Although the first name on the list is not surprising, some browsers have lost users compared to the same period of the previous year, while others have managed to stand in place.

Of course, the top browser of the list is Google Chrome, with its widespread use, but browsers such as Samsung and Safari, which are also widely available on mobile devices, also have higher usage rates.

Here are the most widely used internet browser in Turkey

  1. Google Chrome: 75%
  2. Safari: 10%
  3. Samsung Internet: 6.3%
  4. Opera: 2.1%
  5. Microsoft Edge: 1.4%
  6. Firefox: 1.2%
  7. Internet Explorer: 0.7%

Google Chrome

Google’s 2008 Google Chromeis the most popular web browser worldwide. Chrome currently has 1 billion active users. 2013 Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox overtake by winning the title of most popular web browser Google Chrome, Internet users in Turkey 75 percent preferred by. However, Google Chrome is a percentage in 2020 compared to the previous year. 0.9 percent of users lost.



Safari was introduced by Apple in 2003. Before Safari, the default web browser that came with Apple products was Internet Explorer. Internet users in Turkey 10 percent Preferred by Safari, just like Google Chrome, it lost some users compared to the previous year. In this sense, the loss he experienced is 7.3 percent.

Samsung Internet

samsung internet

Developed for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones Samsung Internet, Internet users in Turkey 6.3 percent preferred by. Samsung Internet, which is one of the web browsers that lost users compared to the previous year, lost 9.1 percent.

  • Samsung Internet Browser




Released in 1995 Operais among the oldest desktop web browsers that continue to be actively developed today. Developed by Opera Software Opera, Internet users in Turkey 2.1 percent preferred by. Opera increased the number of users by 30 percent compared to the previous year.

Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge

First introduced in 2015 for Windows 10 and Xbox One Microsoft Edge, was later rolled out to Android and iOS. Internet users in our country 1.4 percent Preferred by Microsoft Edge, it is the web browser that has increased the number of users the most compared to the previous year among the web browsers we have covered in our news. The proportion of those using Microsoft Edge has increased by 106 percent.



The second most used web browser in the world after Google Chrome Firefox, Internet users in Turkey 1.2 percent preferred by. Unlike Google Chrome and Safari, Firefox is a browser that has increased the number of users compared to the previous year. The proportion of those who prefer Firefox has increased by 19 percent in one year. What could be the secret to this Firefox success?

  • Firefox Browser


  • Firefox Browser


Internet Explorer

internet explorer

Released in 1995 Internet Explorer, Internet users not only in Turkey 0.7 percent preferred by. Compared to the previous year, the number of users neither increased nor decreased.

How much of the internet traffic comes from?

Of the data traffic between December 2019 and December 2020, 70.5 percent came from mobile phones, 27.8 from personal and desktop computers, 1.6 from tablet computers, 0.02 from other devices such as game consoles.

Internet browsers in the “other” category in the research:



Having a slightly different web browser from the others BraveIs a free web browser developed by Brave Software. What makes Brave different is that it generates its revenue with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency connected to the Ethereum blockchain network.

Another aspect that distinguishes Brave from other web browsers is its speed and privacy it provides to users. Using less memory per tab compared to Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, Brave blocks ads and ad tracking tools.


Developed by Vivaldi Technologies Vivaldi The web browser named is considered by many users to be more useful compared to web browsers such as Google Chrome.

  • Vivaldi Browser Beta


Firefox Focus

firefox focus

Firefox FocusIs an open source and privacy focused web browser provided by Mozilla. Firefox Focus, which can be used on smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems, was originally released as a tracking blocking application for iOS devices, but was later transformed into a minimalist web browser.

  • Firefox Focus: The privacy browser


firefox foc

  • Firefox Focus: Privacy browser


Opera GX

opera gx

Opera GX, which is a little different from the usual web browsers, is a game-oriented web browser developed by Opera. With the standard features of Opera Opera GXCan limit resources such as RAM, processor and network speed. The browser, which can also limit download and upload speeds, hosts a web page called the GX corner. GX offers personalized news for gamers, free games and upcoming games on its corner.



Yandex web browser developed by Yandex is one of the most popular web browsers in our country. Yandex controls the security of websites with the Yandex security system and the security of downloads with the Kaspersky anti-virus program, and uses Opera’s Turbo technology to increase speed on slow connections.



Providing users with the opportunity to access and surf the internet anonymously Tor‘S really literally one of the subjects of a controversial provision providing anonymity, though quite popular browser in Turkey Tr.


What Is The ‘Tor Browser’ That Makes You Anonymous On The Internet, How To Use It, What Does It Do?


5 Features That Are Not Available In Any Internet Browser Other Than Tor Browser

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