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How to Change the Camera Background on Google Meet?

by tenderpuls

With the popular application of Google, Google Meet COVID-19, it started to take place more in our lives. Google’s only partners and the application that it uses within itself suddenly started to be among the most used conferencing software in the world. In fact, the fact that the company, which is almost giving up on Hangouts, is suddenly developing products reveals what an opportunity the pandemic has created for some companies.

At Google Meet With the latest improvement, if you have a bad background in the application, you can blur your background or use a “virtual background”. The biggest problem of many users At Google Meet not being able to change the background issue, we hope we will fix it in this article.

In the article where we will solve the background problem in Google Meet in 5 steps, you will now be able to use virtual backgrounds and blur options. You will not have to show anyone your room or the environment you are in during your meetings or live lectures.

How to change the Google Meet background?

  • Step # 1: Device control
  • Step # 2: Version control
  • Step # 3: Hardware acceleration
  • Step # 4: Chrome Extension check
  • Step # 5: WebGL Control

Step # 1: Device check

Google Meet Mobile

Google Meet The device you use is very important to change the background. Background switching feature on mobile devices has not been activated yet in the Google Meet app. Virtual background You must use the desktop version of the application to be able to do it.

If you say that I will use it from my phone, you can use your mobile Chrome browser.in desktop versionIf you can try to login by saying “run”. Although there is a serious possibility that you will experience performance degradation, it is also possible that virtualization will not work. Therefore, your device on which you will follow these steps. Chrome Be sure to use it.


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Step # 2: Version Check

Google Chrome Version Check

Your version of Google Chrome must be on the most current version and 64 bit You need to make sure that it is marked as. Google Chrome works like an operating system. It is a good idea to check your version of Chrome in order for live streaming and virtualized backgrounds to work. As we write this article Google Chrome version: Appears as 89.0.4389.90 (Official Build) (64 bit).

To check your Google Chrome version; Three-dot menu in the upper right corner> Help> About Google Chrome You can click the button. Here you can see your Google Chrome version and perform your update as you wish.


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Step # 3: Hardware Acceleration

What does Hardware Acceleration do?

Firstly What does Google Chrome Hardware Acceleration do? Let us tell you about this. When Google Chrome Hardware Acceleration is turned on; Load in actions such as watching videos and live broadcasting on Google Chrome CPUinstead of riding (processor)To GPU (video card) getting on. Thus, all processes that will be called heavy loads in your browser start to run on the GPU.

Since Google Chrome is a very smart browser, it can restrict the functions on Google Meet according to your instant processor usage. Therefore, if your Google Meet backgrounds have not been opened yet, you need to activate the Hardware Acceleration function. You need to turn on Hardware Acceleration under the three-dot menu> Settings> Advanced> System Header located in the top right corner. After doing this, you should restart your browser. Usually the background problem is solved at this stage, but there may still be a problem, let’s go to step 4.


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Step # 4: Chrome Extension check

Chrome Extension

Google Chrome extensions often conflict with Google Meet. Here all extensions You can turn off (extensions) and experiment. Video extensions in particular seriously affect Google Chrome. if the Google Meet If your background feature is activated, you can solve which background feature conflicts with by activating the extensions one by one.

When you turn off all extensions still At Google Meet If the background features are not active, proceed to step 5 with all of these extensions turned off. Step 5 will be a step where we will do some radical tweaks, and in the final we will solve your problem of not being able to change backgrounds in Google Meet.

Step # 5: Checking WebGL

WebGL Report

WebGLIs short for Web Graphics Library. It is used to draw 3D visuals in web browsers. Now the web standard WebGL may not work the way you want it to in your browser. Your browser first WebGL 2.0 We need to check if it supports it. From here Go to WebGL Report to see if your browser supports WebGL 2.

In this step, we check our second check to see if it says Major Performance Caveat Yes or No. Major Performance Caveat should write NO. If Yes is selected in this section, you can open a new tab in Google Chrome. chrome: // flags you have to write. You will find the “Override software rendering list” section in the Search Flags section. Major Performance Caveat section will be No after turning it from Disabled to Enabled. In this way, you can now set your background on Google Meet. blur or you can start using it by installing virtual background.

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