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Chess Engine with Only One Kilobyte Size

by tenderpuls

A chess game published by VOLE.WTF runs on JavaScript code that only takes up one kilobyte in size and consists of a few lines. The game, published under the name of The Kilobyte’s Gambit, does not cause any difficulties in gameplay.

Almost every device we use today and every game we play works with code written, even if only a few lines. If it’s a browser game we come across today, it’s just the source code instead of the source code that would normally consist of many more lines. with a few lines of source code works. Moreover, even the size of the game is quite small compared to the elements it offers.

To this link Beth Harmon by Queen’s Gambit, one of the most popular series of the last period, appears on the website, which you can reach by clicking. In this tiny window created pixel by pixel “The Kilobyte’s GambitThere is a game called “. When you first open the page, the most interesting aspect of the game is emphasized:”Can you beat 1024 bytes of JavaScript?

Chess game with only 1 kilobyte of brain:

Yes, this game we see and play in our browser is just a few lines. JavaScript file managed by. 1 kilobyte in size We can give some examples to illustrate the small size of this file. The game is about the same size with a short e-mail of text, about four Tweets, twice the size of a one-page article.

Of course, managing the game with such a small brain brings some limits. For example developers, show that you have won and lost in the game does not include an indicator. In these cases, only one of the two sides cannot move. But apart from that, there is no problem in the game play and there is no delay.


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1 kilobyte brain of the game, He can take into account the four moves in front of him. This account deals with factors such as the value of stones, strong areas on the game table, and the speed of victory or defeat. After all, the brain runs an external function to update the screen. This function then runs the image code to make the move. You can also access the brain codes of the game on the same page.

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