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Astonishing Theories About Little Nightmares 2

by tenderpuls

The story of Little Nightmares 2 confused its players due to its plot and ending, allowing it to come up with many theories. We have listed the theories that make players think so.

Little Nightmares 2 depicts a young boy trapped in a world disrupted by a radio broadcast from a distant tower. Little Nightmare 2, in which we play as a kid named Mono, is a tension-adventure game. In the game where we try to unravel the dark secrets of the radio broadcast under the guidance of Six in the yellow raincoat, we also try to save Six from his terrible fate. In this production where we are faced with threats in this terrible world, the journey is not easy at all.

Actually, that’s all the story and purpose of the game. However, if players go deep into the game and investigate, they can find many “Easter Eggs” and mysteries. The original story of Little Nightmares 2 has never been confirmed. For this reason, the players have produced many theories about Little Nightmares 2, which has quite a few unanswered questions. Here are some of those theories.

  • Note: The post from this part of the article is about Little Nightmares 2 Contains spoilers. If you have not played the game, we recommend that you do not read the rest of the article.

Is Little Nightmare 2 actually Little Nightmares 1?

One of the questions that confuses players the most is that of Little Nightmares 2. prequel so we can be a pre-game. “Little Nightmares 2 will tell you how a world can create such a horrible thing,” the firm’s senior storyteller from Tarsier Studios said.

Six, who wears a high level of self-confidence in the first game, appears more insecure in Little Nightmares 2. Six, who did not wear his iconic jacket in the first game, in the second game, also reveals his angry hunger only in the secret finale of the second game. This is why players believe Six’s hunger in game one began at this point.

Another hypothesis that supports this theory is the boxes and advertisements in the second game. These items show that the boat is not on the water yet. Also, the hanging man in the first game, the chair underneath and the door in front of him, is almost a replica of the last scene where Mono sits on the chair as the Thin Man in the second game.

Or is it really just a 2nd game?

little nightmares 2 theory

There are those who argue that Little Nightmares 2 is a pre-game, and there are also players who advocate the opposite. This theory also has supporting hypotheses, although their numbers are not as many as those who believed in the first theory.

Players who believe in this theory are convinced that Six didn’t wear in the second game. That you may have lost your coat and then he thinks he can find it again. For his missing powers that he won in the first game and could not use in the second game, they think he can suppress it as a way to hide his dark side, as he is a good character inside.

While this theory is less likely due to the nature of the first game, there is also a possibility that Mono is Thin Man and Six may be stuck in a loop as the worst villain of this horrible world.

What is the purpose of Thin Man?

little nightmares 2 theory

We already see that Thin Man is the enlarged version of Mono in the game. But unfortunately in the plot we do not know its exact purpose. In one scene we see Thin Man and the Eye as inhabitants of the tower but we have no idea if the duo are working together or how they do it.

Another question regarding Thin Man is whether the character is good or bad. We already know that Mono has a dark side embodied by Thin Man. However, if the good side of Mono is still alive, his goal might be to fight against the Eye by blocking the Thin Man.

Where and when does Little Nightmares 2 take place?

little nightmares 2 theory

Unfortunately, the players cannot learn the area and the period in which the game took place from the game. This is why the players who develop theories on this subject have many opinions. The first of these is World War II or its aftermath. In japan they are. Both games take place in the same universe. The time of the game, in which we see Japanese-style restaurants, photos and newspaper pieces in both games, is very similar to the time of World War II. In the second game, the architecture, classrooms, clothing and television are all from the 1940s and 1960s.

Another thought is the game To the Jewish people that it represents crimes against. The children, shoes, torture and deaths we often see in the game are reminiscent of the World War II era. The eye symbol in the game may represent the watchtowers in the concentration camps.

End of Game: Six didn’t betray

little nightmares 2 theory

While there are so many theories about its story and plot, players also have a lot of ideas about the end of the game. The fact that Six thinks he can actually prevent it by letting Mono die after realizing that he is the Thin Man is actually an answer to Six’s betrayal.

This theory is an end supported by many players. However, fans of the game very simple and the creators of the game would not write such an easily predictable ending about such a complex and mysterious game.

End of Game: Six preferred to betray his friend over telling the truth

little nightmares 2 theory

In this theory of the end of the game, players think that Six understands that he has a problem and does not want to harm his friend, but instead lets his friend die.

It will trigger all these events, although Six doesn’t do it on purpose. to a terrible mistake caused. Thinking he could not stop his hunger, Six did not want to experience the trauma that would have left him with eating his friends the Lady and the Nome.

End Game: Six did it all because of the Eye

little nightmares 2 theory

The second of the theories about hunger is a little more complicated than the previous one. Fan favorite who don’t like simple plot and endings, this theory is at work. the Eye there is. In the game, the Eye is portrayed as a character who controls everything and is eager to do terrible things. In the game where we watch Mono and Six fight against this terrible character, the Eye wants the worst for both characters.

According to this theory, Mono and Six know this purpose of the Eye, and therefore Six chose to deal with the results alone, not knowing the truth behind Thin Man. Although the theory has its weaknesses, its complexity compared to other theories makes it easy for fans to believe it.

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