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Android and iOS Phones Share Data Every 4.5 Minutes

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Prof. Doug Leith conducted a study of how often Android and iOS phones share our data. The most surprising detail that came up as a result of the research was the frequency of data sharing of phones.

We all know and accept that our phones regularly collect and share our data. But frequency of data sharing and there are situations that raise some question marks as to why certain information should be shared so often.

Professor of Trinity College Dublin, who conducted a study focusing on the data sharing of phones. Doug Leith has achieved some very interesting results. Moreover, the data reveal that when it comes to data sharing, it shows itself more ‘secure’. The situation at Apple is not that different from Google.

Data is shared every 4.5 minutes:

Prof. In his research, Leith Google Pixel and also iPhone used phone. According to the data obtained, both Android device and iPhone, average Every 4.5 minutes shares data with their companies. Data such as hardware serial number, Wifi MAC address, IMEI, phone number, and whether or not the SIM is inserted are shared frequently and even when the phone is not in active use.

Although it is said that Android phones collect more data than iOS devices in general, in fact, both companies operate a similar data collection policy in general. The difference between them is the size of the data collected. According to the information in the research, a Google Pixel phone will be 1 MB in size While sharing data, on iPhones this data size is approx. 52 KB. However, the same data continues to be shared with the same frequency on both phones.

Google Pixel vs iPhone

At the same time, iPhones not only collect data on smartphone activity, it also transmits data to Apple about nearby devices. For example, when someone connects to a WiFi network, the WiFi MAC addresses of other phones on the network are also sent to Apple. This means that the information about who is near you in the place where you connect to the WiFi network is reaching Apple.

Prof. Especially even when not actively using the phone, according to Leith Continuous sharing of this data with companies It is alarming situation and it is difficult to understand exactly for what purpose these data should be collected. Leith says there is some way to understand why the data is collected while using the services, but there is no way to understand the requirements of the information that continues to be shared while the phone remains unusable in the bag.


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Statement from Google:

A Google spokesperson who made a statement on the subject, the data in the study was actually that phones reveal the way they work expressing ”This research summarizes how smartphones work. It regularly sends essential data about modern cars, vehicle components, safety conditions and service schedules to automakers, and indeed cell phones work similarly. This report details communications that help make sure that the iOS or Android software is up to date, the services are working as intended, the phone is secure and continues to run efficiently.‘he used expressions. Apple did not make a statement on the subject.

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