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13 of the coolest montages made with a lightsaber

by tenderpuls
Tüm Yapımların Işın Kılıcıyla Daha Havalı Olduğunu Gösteren 13 Montaj

The lightsabers that were featured in the Star Wars movies that were first released in 1977 have now become an icon. So, have you ever thought about what would happen if Star Wars lightsabers were featured in TV series and movies?

Lightsabers are pretty cool items for fans of science fiction and fantasy production. I don’t even want to mention that they can take on many exotic colors thanks to the color crystals. However, every Star Wars It is worth noting that there was an explosion in “lightsaber sales” before its construction.

What if lightsabers were included in other productions? YouTube VFX‘people dreamed of this issue long ago. There are even channels opened just for Star Wars VFXs. Thanks to these friends, we can see “lightsabers” in many movies that you can and cannot imagine. Let us state that lightsaber battles are quite “exotic” especially in the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones series. Without further ado, let’s move on to our list.

# 1 Young Ned Stark vs Darth Arthur Dayne

The legendary fight that turns the Tower of Joy fight into a Jedi vs Sith war, where the whole truth about Ned Stark and Jon Snow is revealed. It must be admitted that it was simply a magnificent montage. The only thing missing is that Arthur Dayne is not lightning.


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# 2 Master Gray Gandalf and his padavans at the Moria Mines

It’s just one of many montages made for the Lord of the Rings series. Get ready for an epic lightsaber battle. Especially “What does Legalos use, so slow?” you might ask. We haven’t been able to figure it out yet either.


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# 3 Pirates of the Caribbean – The Revenge of Davy Jones

Another enormously prepared assembly. It is really cool to see a lightsaber in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but when the makers of the montage mount “blaster” instead of cannonballs from the ships, for a moment “what are we going to be?” we asked. It was a really fun and pretty cool montage.

# 4 Witcher the chosen one

Isn’t it possible for the Witcher to be mounted on every production? By the way, he would be a pretty good Jedi than Henry Cavill. We hope that Disney officials will follow this assembly as well as we did. Even if he is not a Jedi, he can easily play any Sith Lord himself.


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# 5 John Wick – Against the Sith

The montage made for John Wick 3: Parabellum looks really cool. The production, which is already a tremendous action movie, has evolved into another dimension with lightsabers.


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# 6 Blade – “The Two Sides of a Lightsaber”

Is it more creative when the vampire hunter Blade uses Dark Saber, or is it that the hunters after it use blaster? We didn’t know… Anyway, would there be a bounty hunter from Blade? It would.


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# 7 No more! King Kong The Jedi

Installation artists can be quite creative, but how do I know about putting a lightsaber in Kong’s hand? If we say King Kong doesn’t look very attractive with his lightsaber, we would be lying. So what do you think about this issue?


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# 8 Thor vs Hulk

The encounter between Thor and Hulk, taken from the Thor Ragnarok movie, is really attractive. We have actually seen how well lightsabers can fit in the Marvel universe. Likewise, in all these film series, we can say the universe that can lift the lightsabers most easily.

# 9 Arya vs Brienne lightsaber duel

There are so many lightsaber assemblies in Game of Thrones that almost one part can be found. However, one of the aesthetic duels takes place between Arya and Brienne.


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# 10 Ivar the real Sith Lord

It would be a shame not to see a lightsaber duel in the Vikings series. We see Ivar with his red lightsaber. The closest person to true Sith philosophy may indeed be Ivar.


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# 11 Deadpool only

Could Deadpool be in the Star Wars universe? Of course it can. When it comes to Deadpool, anything is possible. No need to comment too much.


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# 12 Battle of The Bastards

It really happened. Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards was seen as a great production that was considered among the best battle scenes of recent years. However, it is clear that Game of Thrones lightsaber embellishments are also quite successful.


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# 13 Lord of the Rings full version

Do you think the use of Star Wars bar music or the red lightsabers in the hands of the Nazgul? Now everything has made a fun montage as possible. It seems like we cannot see such edits very much without Youtube.

What do you think about these montages? Please share with us in the comments section.

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