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Your Most Useful Twitter Helper: TweetDeck

by tenderpuls

We have answered the curious questions such as what is the TweetDeck tool, which is developed to facilitate the work of social media experts who manage more than one Twitter account or users who manage their own accounts professionally, and how to use it, and explained the different operations that users can do through this tool.

There are people who use social media platforms for entertainment purposes only, as well as social media experts who do this professionally or manage multiple accounts. Social media is an enjoyable space for normal users but can be stressful for professional users. The TweetDeck tool comes into play at this point and comes to the aid of professional Twitter users and social media experts who manage multiple accounts.

TweetDeck With it, it is possible to manage more than one Twitter account and see all the transactions and interaction pages that can be made for that account on a single screen. It would not be wrong to say that the vehicle only offers a more compact and accessible use instead of life-saving features. Makes it easier for those who manage multiple accounts or professional users to use Twitter What is TweetDeck Let’s take a closer look.

What is TweetDeck?

First released in 2008 TweetDeck Many different social media platforms have been managed for a long time. However, in 2016, this interface Purchased by Twitter and by removing support for other social media platforms as well as the tool’s Android and iOS mobile apps, the entire tool was channeled to Twitter only.

Although some users are not satisfied with Twitter support alone, TweetDeck has been developed further. Twitter account management tools rose to number one. With TweetDeck, you can see all the interaction screens in columns, perform each transaction easily, switch accounts quickly and customize the tool as you wish.

Twitter already offers some features such as Tweet scheduling for professional users through its interface. Therefore TweetDeck is only offers a more compact usage area It would not be wrong to say. The most prominent feature of the tool is that you can assign different users as administrators to accounts and ensure that their actions are subject to the approval of the main user. So it offers a complete professional management job.

How to use TweetDeck?


TweetDeck comes up with an interface similar to the Twitter desktop interface we know. Of course, the most important difference is the interaction and transaction pages that we access by clicking buttons or links in the Twitter interface. we see it in different columns on one page. With TweetDeck, you can quickly access different transaction pages by dividing the screen into as many parts as you want, through the columns you add to each.

From here After you open the TweetDeck website and log in with the Twitter account information you want to manage, you will see it by default. A screen with 4 columns appears. The first column is the main stream, the second column is notifications, the third column is direct messages and the fourth column is the Twitter trend screen. For a basic use, these four columns may be sufficient, but if you want more, you can customize them.

You can add a new transaction or interaction column by clicking the plus sign button on the transaction tool on the left of the screen. You can add as many columns as you want However, if your computer does not have a large screen, you may find that the usage area shrinks as you add columns. All the operations you will do on the columns consist of the same steps as the Twitter desktop interface.

You can add a new Twitter account that you can manage via TweetDeck by clicking the double person silhouette button, or you can Add a different user to a Twitter account as an administrator. you can assign. Since the main manager is the main owner of the account, you can also set the actions taken by other administrators not to be shared without your approval.

What can be done with TweetDeck?


After opening the TweetDeck tool and logging in with the Twitter account information you want to manage, the limit of what you will do is completely in your hands. You can share Tweets, follow users, remove followers, send direct messages to other users, follow trends, post timed Tweets so a normal What you’re doing in the Twitter desktop interface you can do the same much more easily.

As we said before, TweetDeck does not offer a miracle; It makes managing only one or more Twitter accounts much easier. At this point, the most prominent feature is that you can manage that account by switching to another account without logging out. You can do this on the Twitter mobile app, but Twitter is on the desktop version. when managing two different accounts You have to sign out of someone.

TweetDeck does not offer a mobile application for use on mobile devices. On your computer only, You can use it through your internet browser. However, if you are using Google Chrome, you can use a Chrome extension that will make your job even easier. You can access interaction notifications much faster thanks to the TweetDeck Google Chrome extension, which you can access here.

Is TweetDeck safe?


The TweetDeck tool is owned by Twitter. You are already using a twitter.com extension to access the tool. So The more secure Twitter is, the more secure TweetDeck is. The question of whether TweetDeck is safe is the concern of third party possession of Twitter account data. However, as we said, because the TweetDeck tool is owned by Twitter, your data is not seen by third parties. Twitter continues to know what it knows.

The only situation that can create a security vulnerability with TweetDeck is administrators added to the managed account. Twitter account is managed by a team and if different people are appointed as managers, things may get hot in the event of a future separation. However, you can prevent this situation by limiting the actions of the added administrator on the Settings screen.

Things to consider when using TweetDeck:


The same Twitter rules apply when using TweetDeck. So whatever you shouldn’t do when using the normal Twitter desktop interface You should also not do it while using TweetDeck. It is a known fact that Twitter follows an increasingly strict policy regarding community rules violations.

4 basic columns that appear by default when you start using TweetDeck, most used transaction and interaction columns is considered as. However, customization is entirely in your hands. You can add more columns or remove some of the columns. The point you need to pay attention to is your screen size. Note that the usage area shrinks as you add columns.

If you manage more than one account with TweetDeck or if you have added more than one manager to one account, it is a good idea to keep the rules strict. Before the actions to be taken that it must pass your consent If you set it, you can prevent wrong operations.

Facilitating the work of social media experts and professional Twitter users who manage multiple Twitter accounts What is TweetDeck, how to use it We have answered the curious questions such as and explained the points you need to pay attention to while using this tool.

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