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What is Online Word, How is it used?

by tenderpuls

There is an online Word service that allows you to use Microsoft Word, which is one of the first to come to mind when talking about the Office program, without paying any fee, and without downloading it to your device. With Online Word, you can open your text files, create new files and edit existing files.

When it comes to Office programs, almost everyone will think of Microsoft Office programs first. With a package called Microsoft 360 Some users are willing to use these programs, which are offered to users for a fee, while others resort to dangerous and illegal means such as illegal software. It is worth noting again that using illegal software is a crime.

Well, ‘I don’t use the Office program that often, why should I pay that much?’ What should users who say? Microsoft also thought of these users and implemented the online Office system, which is a service that can use all Office programs with almost one-to-one features of the software. Online Word in particular All these services are free to use. Moreover, all you need is an internet connection.

How to use Online Word?

  • Step # 1: Open the Online Office website from here.
  • Step # 2: Sign in with your Microsoft account information.
    • If you don’t have a Microsoft account, create one.
  • Step # 3: Click the Word button in the program column on the left.
  • Step # 4: Click New Blank Document to create a new Word file.
  • Step # 5: You can start using the online Word service as you wish.

how to use word online

Above steps For those who will be using Word online for the first time are the basic starting steps. After opening the Online Office page Upload and Open You can also open, view, edit, share on different platforms and download the ban Word files from here.

What are the differences between Online Word and Word as we know it?

online word

  • Outline, outline, side-by-side views are not available in online Word.
  • Grid lines and rulers are not available in online Word.
  • Encrypted files it does not open in online Word.
  • A document with a change password opens in online Word, but is not edited.
  • Images added to the document are formatted by matching the text in online Word.
  • Creating styles in Online Word or Changes cannot be made.
  • Theme, page color, watermark can be displayed in Online Word, but cannot be added to the document.
  • Co-authoring is supported in Word online.
  • There is no dictionary and thesaurus in Online Word.
  • Tables and hyperlinks Cannot be configured in online Word.
  • You cannot create screenshots in Online Word.
  • Visuals such as shapes, graphics, text boxes, SmartArt, WordArt are available in online Word. displayed, deleted however, no changes can be made on it.
  • Headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes are displayed in online Word, edited, but not displayed inline.
  • Online Word has tracked changes feature.
  • There is an automatic correction tool in Online Word.
  • Font formatting operations are the same.
  • Paragraph formatting is the same.
  • Numbering and adding bullets are the same.
  • Edit the page size operations are the same.
  • Find and Replace operations are the same.
  • Line break, page break, column and row creation are the same.

To summarize in general; online Word You can view all kinds of text files via, but you cannot edit every feature. Unedited areas are generally visuals. Therefore, the standard will not put big obstacles in front of the user.

Is Online Word used for everything?

online word, microsoft 360

Microsoft’s Office programs that Microsoft gave permission to use with the Microsoft 360 package by paying a fee that can be considered quite high compared to some people. making it available online in this way a service that should really be appreciated first. So, does the online Office service really work?

Online Word And when we examine the differences between the desktop Word, the standard Word that users are used to, a plain text file, It seems that there is no big obstacle for the user to prepare a document. A text file that does not consist of ornaments, colors, or editable images can be successfully created via online Word.

Of course, some users can use almost desktop Word. edits befitting a presentation file they may be used to doing it. In such a case, online Word may not be able to fully meet users’ requests. However, in this case, other online Office programs will come to the aid of users.

online word differences

The most important point of the online Word service is that it can open any text file format. So much so that the desktop Word version sometimes he can’t even open file formats can open. If you are a user who has a habit of opening and viewing more text files, Word online will save you from a paid Microsoft 360 subscription.

Other prominent features of the online Word service are that it is free, without installation on any device. It is only able to work over the internet browser. Word files backed up in OneDrive can be opened on any device with an internet connection. Thus, unlimited sharing options arise in front of you. In other words, your days of moving text files from one place to another with external storage devices are over.

Not only online Word, but a wide range of When we think of as the Microsoft ecosystem Online Word and other online Office services will be life-saving if the user suits your habits. Who’s not a dream about free and widely available files?

For you What is online Word, how to use it, We answered curious questions such as what are the differences with standard Word and explained the prominent features of the service. Services such as Online Word will save users from a lot of drudgery in today’s conditions where everything is happening in the virtual world. You can share your experiences in the comments.

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