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We Bought Cars With The Most Expensive Phones On The Market

by tenderpuls

The price is increasing day by day smart phones, has now begun to enter the luxury consumption class in our country. Consumers need to pay at least 3,000 liras to buy a middle-class smartphone. The prices of flagship devices have already reached the 15 or even 20 thousand lira band.

It is a known fact that smartphone prices in our country increase a little more with each new model. So much so that nowadays, a family of 4 has to sacrifice almost a car money to buy zero phones at the flagship level.

We bought cars with the most expensive phones on the market:

While the price of smartphones has increased so much, we have become one with the devices in the office. to buy a car We decided. If this is in our content, the total value of zero 78 thousand 500 TL We will try to buy a car from the gallery with a Huawei Mate 40 Pro, a Samsung Note 20 Ultra, a Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, an iPhone 12 Pro and a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

You can watch our video from above to see what we are experiencing in the vehicle market and whether we can buy a car in exchange for these devices. YouTube You can follow our channel.

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