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The New HarmonyOS will be Officially Released in April

by tenderpuls

Huawei started beta tests for the third version of the HarmonyOS operating system earlier this month. The next version will be officially released in April.

We are now used to updating the operating systems of smartphones every year. Chinese manufacturer Huawei with its own operating system Of HarmonyOS has been working on the full version for a long time. The new operating system was in beta in early March. The last beta version will arrive on March 31st.

Huawei stated that while the beta process for HarmonyOS continues, the stable version of the operating system will arrive in April. Not only that, the company, the first model that will receive the update, is a foldable phone. Mate X2 announced that it would be.

Huawei is moving away from Android

Having suffered greatly from the trade wars between the US and China, Huawei Lost access to US products and services and had to struggle with a serious embargo. After this crisis, Huawei turned to different suppliers and solved the software problem by developing its own operating system.


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The MateX2 model was actually using the Android 10 operating system when it was first released on the market. In your foldable phone Migrating to HarmonyOS In fact, it seems like a necessity for Huawei. Other devices will follow MateX2 in the future.

P50, the first phone to come with HarmonyOS



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Although not officially confirmed, the general expectation of the public is from the box of the new Huawei P50. First model to be released with HarmomyOS that it will be. The fact that the release of the device, which is expected to be introduced in March, was postponed to May strengthens this view.

Huawei devices After losing Android support The company, which has been working for HarmonyOS for a long time, then invited other Chinese manufacturers to use its own operating system. Do you think this operating system will be able to rival Android?

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