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Kürşat Ayvatoğlu’s Rebellious Knight Online Message

by tenderpuls

The rebellious Knight Online message that Kürşat Ayvatoğlu wrote in a forum 9 years ago, who was recorded while using drugs in a luxury vehicle, appeared.

AKP Deputy Chairperson and İzmir Deputy Hamza Dağ’s alleged private secretary Kursat Ayvatoğlu named person in a luxury vehicle while using drugs The images that were recorded fell on the agenda of social media like a bomb recently. Taking action after the images spread in a short time, the Ministry of Interior, Ayvatoğlu’s that you have been taken into custody had explained.

Today, however, Kürşat Ayvatoğlu’s he wrote in a forum many years ago, full of rebellion Knight Online message appeared. In the 2012 message, Ayvatoğlu is trying to explain that a friend from the game accused him of stealing, but he actually did not steal the items in the game.

Here is the rebellious Knight Online message Ayvatoğlu shared on forumtr in 2012:

As far as we understand, in this message, Ayvatoğlu, those times accused of theft Then He gives his own defense and says that the person who actually robbed the account is his friend named Mücahit, nicknamed PowerAngel.

The emergence of a forum post from 2012 today social media users are also on the tongue. The Twitter people, who approached the subject with a humorous language, made everyone laugh with their posts. Here are a few of these posts:

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