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Chat Starting Tactics on Tinder for Men

by tenderpuls

Tinder, Happn, Badoo… All these apps are used to meet new people today. So what should be the first message you send when you match someone in these apps? Today we’re going to address the most troubling aspects of Tinder and give you tactics to start a quality conversation.

The pandemic era has passed through us in many ways, but one of the leading ones was human relations, especially bilateral relations. In the past, we could go to places such as schools, cafes, bars and meet new people, and if we got along well, we could turn this into a friendship or relationship. Unfortunately, it has become much more difficult to do this today when we spend days with social distancing.

Even though we are going through a difficult process, face-to-face is not the only way to socialize. Nowadays, there are many applications and you can meet people through these applications; we can be friends, even lovers. Tinder, Happn, Badoo Although we have the opportunity to meet new people thanks to many applications such as men meeting new people it can be more difficult. Even in the case of a match, it is never certain to get a return.

Common problem in such practices: Male excess

In fact, the biggest reason for this is the strange difference in the number of men and women in such applications. With the effect of the lifestyle in our country, men seem more willing to use such practices and start a new relationship, while women always stay on the shy side of the event. For this reason, on Tinder When there are hundreds of matches in 1 female account (disproportionate right shift also has an effect) For males, there may be 1 match per day, sometimes even 1 per week. In fact, some of my friends that I know who use Tinder all the time may not even be able to catch a single match per month.

In this article male perspective we will use more. There are 2 reasons for this; First, I am a man and I convey my own experience with the experience of the people around me. Second, as you can read from the article above, men rather than women have more problems with matches. So when we get that precious match that happens once a week or a month, will the other person return to us directly? Unfortunately, this rate can be extremely low. Because as we said, the number of people women match with is too many and everyone is writing something. What we men should do here is being different.

Do messages like “Hello, Hi, SA” work?

Does it work to write hello on Tinder

First of all, let’s make a point, if the other person likes you, it doesn’t matter what you wrote “at least for the beginning”. He’ll come back to you anyway, and he’ll even be more willing to chat. If you, like me, are a person whose “expense” diameter according to general norms cannot go too far, you will be welcome here. “start engaging chat” entering the mechanics. Unfortunately, these mechanics do not contain messages such as “hello”, which we would consider standard. Actually, “hello” is definitely not a way to start a bad message, the real problem here is perhaps that everyone sends such messages to women who match hundreds of people. So at this point, we have to make a difference so that our match on the other will be interesting and return to us.

How can we send messages to get feedback on Tinder?

Tinder match

Yep, we came to our main subject. I know I’ve been holding it long until this moment, but we needed to clarify some things. There are countless ways to get feedback from the other person on Tinder, and let’s be realistic, not all of your attempts will reach their goal. However, by following the right steps and analyzing well, getting feedback from your match and getting a higher level “Instagram, WhatsApp” You can be successful in transitioning to platforms such as. After these stages, there is a meeting, and after that event, the relationships are completely left to you and the person in front of you. Now I’m going to talk to you about some message initiation tactics that I’ve gotten good feedback during the time I use Tinder, and even let me go to intense phases, not just leaving the conversation at the beginning. In the meantime, I gathered information from my boyfriends and girlfriends, after all, every person is different and different opinions serve to enrich the event. Let’s take a look at the tactics:

Let’s check your profile

Tinder profile

I wanted to open this subtitle in the logic of a footnote before going on to suggestions. Because this will be in the subtext of all my suggestions here: We have to check the other person’s profile. Where does she live, what university she goes to, how she likes music, does she work, her photos, is it natural or does she prefer to pay more attention to social media. All these criteria can affect how you should communicate with the other person.

Starting a conversation by throwing music directly

Tinder spotify

This tactic does not work for everyone, but especially if you Someone who hooked up to Spotify and added the songs they listened to there is cut out for. You can start a conversation by using the power of music, “Oh, this is very beautiful” or “I know that. Well have you listened to this?” It may cause you to receive messages such as. The thing to note here is that the music you throw is really good and is in the style of music that the person you match with likes.

One question saves lives

Tinder message

When we start a conversation, we write one thing and leave the second step to the other person. When we write hello in this first step, what the other person will write to us will be hello. Then how are you? I am good in return, how are you. In the end, the conversation gets into a vicious circle, saying that I’m fine too. We do not want this, we want all our followers to have good conversations and have strong friendships and pleasant relationships without getting into a vicious circle. For this, it is necessary to ask logical and interesting questions using the information you collect from the other person’s profile. So what the question sentence is is very important here. Go and say “How old are you?” If you ask a question, I do not think it will make much return. The main things to ask here should be questions that can attract the other person’s attention and allow you to have a long conversation. It is also better not to ask questions that will force the other person to think too much while asking the question, at least at the beginning. For example, “What is your favorite song?” A question in style can be a challenge for some people. Instead of you can ask for the more general style of music. It always makes sense to open the chat from there and move on to other questions. Let’s give some examples of questions you can ask in Tinder-style apps:

  • “What would you like to ask a person you have never known before?”
  • “What kind of music do you like?”
  • “I guess you love animals like me. Do you have a pet?”
  • “Where would you like to go the most?”
  • “Aren’t you tired of sitting at home? If we can do something freely even if that corona ends.”

It is also possible to use the question sentences here more effectively. Instead of asking a question directly, you can connect with a topic you see on the profile of the person you’re matched with and that grabs your attention. If we give an example to this; “Hello Merve, you are laughing very sincerely in your photos. What is the secret of this smile that makes you look more beautiful?” may be appropriate. In this sentence, while complimenting the other person, we are tied to ourselves by asking questions.

Without exaggeration, funny messages always have an expense.


Yes, you already get the point. You have to be different in that crowd of Tinder. For this, you need to attract the attention of the other person. As you know, most women like funny guys. You, too, can turn to messages that cannot be understood without much chirping. To give a few examples of these messages;

  • “This match is good for the country and the nation.”
  • “Those who say hello on Tinder say they are not coming back. I think you will come back to a nice hello.”


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A nice GIF can also brighten hopes

Tinder greetings

Writing messages does not always create the right environment. The profile of the person you’re matched with can also be a complete closed box. One of the things that saves life in such a situation GIF is coming. Using a nice GIF, you can jump to the topic very quickly.


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Do not underestimate the zodiac sign

Horoscope interpretation

One of the best chat starters when you match a woman on Tinder is zodiac signs. Horoscope interpretations, star maps It is highly likely that you will be immersed in an extremely dark conversation.

What if he didn’t come back, he loses

Despite paying attention to all this, doesn’t the other person come back to you? Don’t bother at all, maybe it’s his loss more than you. Note that there aren’t just people looking for friendships or relationships on Tinder, anyway. If a person shares the username of other social media accounts on their Tinder profile, it is very likely that wants to attract organic followers. I don’t think it is necessary to even shift those profiles to the right. Because the lower your match rate on your Tinder profile, the less your profile will be shown to new people. So instead of swiping everyone to the right, it would make more sense to like the accounts you really like and think you might get back to.

The chat has started, what should I do now?


Yes, you matched someone on Tinder and started talking to that person with a nice message. From this point on, the rest is up to you. Depending on what the other person is looking for, it is necessary to keep your conversation fun and interesting. For this, instead of standard subject headings that you can both enjoy and advance the conversation and get to know each other even more in between you have to talk about topics. For example, you can have a deep conversation about a movie, tell about your troubles, talk about things you want to do.


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Remember that the other person is human

We come to the end of our post today. Please when you match someone Remember that the other person is a human. In your conversations “this is Tinder, everyone’s purpose is clearDo not send messages that reach the level of harassment by saying “. This will make you a bad person as well as It will finish the subject in a very short time for the other person. We hope you can meet good people and have fun conversations on Tinder or other platforms. Before I say no, I suggest that you sit down in your mind how you should approach the other person and approach them in a friendly manner.

So what do you pay attention to while using Tinder? “When starting a chat, you can also pay attention to the following “ Is there anything you say? You can share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments section.

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