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12 Situations The Generation Only Playing Ultima Online Lived

by tenderpuls

Ultima Online, one of the world’s first MMORPG games, has been played in our country since 1999. We will examine the situations of the generation who embarked on legendary adventures in our country’s distinguished Ultima Online Shards.

Firstly Ultima Online Let’s talk about the main issue that makes it a legend. Being one of the world’s first MMORPG games is just one of the factors that make Ultima Online the only legend. Thanks to the in-game interaction and realistically prepared abilities, the game makes a difference to many opponents. Again, there is a very important point that we will talk about in the articles. An item you made or obtained in a week on Ultima Online to lose It only takes 10 seconds.

Talent development, role playallows you to do many activities such as guild building, house building and living at home or even “beg” Ultima OnlineIn ‘, characters are usually divided into 3. Craftsmen, warriors and animal trainers. Now, of course, it is quite interesting when you say these terms in Turkish, but in the game, be sure, these skills are broken downwards. Come on To Ultima Online Let’s go back together.

#one. Chopping skeletons in Brit Grave

At Ultima Online In the British Cemetery they don’t give a girl to those who can’t chop skeletons. In Brit (Britain), the starting point of the game, you can always see people chopping skeletons in the cemetery. All players who want to improve their fencing, swordsmanship or adventure fighting skills are here. Surely someone will go and pull the Lich in the middle of Brit Tomb and kill everyone.

What we call as App, Apprentice all the players are here. As well as improving their combat skills, they can find “free skeleton armor” in abundance. Of an era With Resurrection Scroll Players who did not know that money could be contracted tried to sell every item they found from the Brit grave to vendors.

#2nd. Terms specific to Ultima Online

Brit Bank

  • Lying> Dying
  • Cut> Kill
  • Looting> Taking what’s on the body
  • PK> Player Killer characters. Their names appear in red
  • Blue> Innocent, normal PK hunting characters. Each player starts the game in blue and their name appears in blue.
  • Crim> Characters whose names are listed in the game as Criminal. They can become blue again by PK or creature cutting. You can kill in cities by typing Guards.
  • APP> The name given to the game beginner or novice players. If a player who reaches the Grandmaster level is playing badly, he is mocked as an APP.
  • Brit> Abbreviation for Britania.
  • Action> Fighting.
  • GZ> Guard zone. By writing Guards in these areas, you can make the player who attacked you die directly. Suddenly the guard teleports to his head.
  • Server Exploded> The server you are playing on is shut down
  • Tesko> Trap.
  • Leaving your character to a macro> By installing a 3rd party software to make your character do a certain job, your character is active in the game when you are not at your pc.

Because Ultima Online has a really serious player base, common terms used on each server have evolved. It is really important that you know these terms in-game. “We’re going to action, come on, buddy, come on” If someone says, do not say what the action is.

One of the most troubling issues when playing UO is that you can’t really trust anyone. Even your closest friends can even sell you for weapons you have they can stab you in your back. If you have your account stolen in this game, etc. does not matter. Likewise, what is yours actually belongs to everyone.

# 3. In Lor pleaseee!

It is one of Ultima Online’s most important spells (in my opinion). It is of Latin origin, in means to create, lor means light. The famous of the game nightsight is named spell. There is also an elixir of this magic. The potion causes your screen to shine like daytime when night falls in the game. For this reason, traveling with the nightsight potion or the magic of In Lor is very essential for the game experience. You can see many “warriors” wandering around just to avoid paying for this potion. The Brit rushes around the bank saying “In Lor pleasee”.

Of course, what you think is a warrior “Brother In Lor please beA friend who says “can steal whatever you have in your bag, saying” cart. ” Ultima Online his world is this cruel. If you lost the whole bag as cart and the man you threw In Lor assaulted someone else, you were burned. Because of someone who says “Guards”, you may fall to the ground and grab whatever is on you.

# 4. Legendary solidarity of minoc miners

Minoc Mine

Minoc All of them are really in solidarity with how many miners are excavating in the miner city named. Generally, crafting characters do not develop magery or any combat skills. Many Ultima Online servers 7x It is designed in such a way that you can improve only 7 abilities called. Therefore at Minoc Guard Zone They are “vulnerable” because they have to dig in the area where the so-called city guards cannot protect you.

Minoc When you go to the mine and want to do any attack, you wouldn’t believe how the guy with 10 pickaxes is attacking you, kick and slap. Especially if you are a player who likes to play “PK” and you want to cut some miners and find my way, you can be lynched by a “crowded miners” group and even if you know Allah Guard or fencing among them, you can even sleep (* lying means dying). We need to add that miner solidarity is very dangerous in this game, even if the characters playing PK or Blue shatter each other to death during the action. everybody is brothers.

# 5. You died, everything is over

The biggest detail that makes Ultima Online truly great is that your items become “lootable” the moment you die. Anything you have worked hard for days can be removed from your body when you die. On me +15 sets, +15 katana, Fire Mage Robe there are things, these are all mortal things. Trapped 3 in Brit Corp Por, 1 piece In Nox Have you eaten, look how it all goes.

The most valuable mount in this game is usually a horse called the Nightmare that goes crazy when its owner dies. It acts to destroy whoever is in the environment. These eyes are beneath the Brit Nightmarea man 3 Kal Vas Flam He saw that they were eating and slaughtering the mount underneath by writing “Guards”. Breh breh breh.

# 6. PK came to the Brit bridge, brother

Brit Bridge

We say that the Ultima Online world is a brutal world. If you listen to this call, you will soon fall on the world’s largest bench. The falling players are even laughing at the moment. While you Brit in front of the bank are displaying your gun, sets or your perfect robes in your hand, someone came and suddenly said, “PK came to the Brit bridge, brotherIf he says, know that there is a big game. Usually the game’s biggest PK vs Blue With the wars being held on the Brit bridge side, there is a high probability that you will get up and die because of the 2 wall spells that will be cast on the Brit bridge while fighting here.

After you lay down this trick a few times and lose your belongings, you start not eating or even being the person who set the trap. Fast in the game you socialize With a few mage friends, he is invisible and throws walls on 2 sides and smashes the players who are stuck in between and looted you are running Clean tactical look, I swear.

# 7. Is there a gate to Brother Destard?


It is one of the frequently heard requests in the game. If you are a wizard and you have branded everywhere, someone must come and say “brother. DestardCan you open a gate to? I’ll cut a dragonHe asks. Warriors without “runebooks” want these more. We said it is an interesting world, Ultima, maybe you will help a man that you will never see again in your lifetime or who will break your mouth in action tomorrow the next day.

There is a second and terrible form of this problem. Someone runs to Brit bank; “Unicorn spawned, do you have tamer? Come quickly ”, opens a gate and you enter and die. Actually, you have eaten the king of the taxidermy, the person who opened this gate has a friend waiting at the end of the gate, and he closed the opened gate with a wall and killed you by burning. Get well soon…

# 8. Jhelom and Brit fishermen

Jhelom Fishermen

We always talk about the memories of the game like a horror movie, but there is a different side to the work. The happiest men in this game “fishing”Are the players. In general, they fish the characters they leave on the macro for fishing, and from time to time they cook the fish they catch. It is obvious that these players bought and sold. In the one-click further version of the work, they buy themselves a ship. Fishing adventure begins on the ship, Jhelom and Brit they travel between.

At Ultima Online fisherman it’s really fun to be. In a 2D game, there is nothing like cruising by ship and manipulating your ship as you wish. Even if you are lucky during these expeditions, the cashier etc. you can lower it.

# 9. Internet cafe guilds

Uo Guild

Community structure in Ultima Online is very loyal. Every internet cafe has a guild. When one of the different guilds comes to the internet cafe, it is the same as you In the UO Shard If he is playing, you will definitely not go into action together, you will not be among you. If at the end of the day he started to go back and forth to your cafe, you can convince this person to enter your guild.

In the meantime, if you could not find a place in your own cafe or if there was a problem, if you had to go to a different cafe, be sure to close your account. If you left your account open by mistake, they will definitely explode that account. Permanent customer UO is not played where you are not. Meanwhile, one of Turkey’s biggest internet cafe in the guild Nebula‘from Black Dragons guild.

# 10. Being a Tamer is a privilege

Ultima Online Taming

Every guild wants to have their own tamer in the game. Tame talent is the hardest to twitch in the game, and guilds often love tamer players. Tamers also love guides. If you think about it, you are the only one in a ton of men who are too lazy. In the game, you are given the marks of every place where valuable mounts appear, you will never wander around here alone. GuildThey cut me off at spawn from, when you say me, it is quite possible that you will be 10 people at a time.

also Shire, Mustang, Mid Ostard, Unicorn and Nightmare You can tamp the mount more easily from its spawns. Since these mounts are very valuable, action will occur in the spawns and the mount will die in the finale. Never forget that you need a really good guild to get the mount solid from here. Tamers are the pupils and richest men of every server.

#11th. Do you have a home on Brit, brother?

Having someone’s home on a Brit on a crowded server is a very prestigious job. When you fight the field in the game, you can escape to your home when you will die, so you can avoid dying.Of course if you can close the door on time”. These are very important considerations, such as closing your door and being able to kick the player out of the house. Ultima Online It is a very valuable game in “home privatization”. Home customization is still not so valuable in many open world games around the world.

You can fill a nicely furnished house with traps, pull your opponents home by pretending to die during the action.with golemYou can deposit without saying “Allah created it. The places where strategy and traps work the most are in homes. Be sure to remember this.

#12. Turkey’s legendary Ultima Online servers

  • Olympos
  • Arcadia
  • Revolution
  • Nebula
  • Epica
  • Pyramid
  • Amentes

As Ultima Online servers Power Play Quite serious period of time, have contributed to the development of Turkey in the field uo. Almost every player has very good friendships and memories on these servers. It is actually quite obvious why players who have experienced Ultima Online cannot enjoy other online games. Although Ultima Online is not the game with the best graphics in the world, it still has the best mechanics and dynamics.

Ultima Online We tried to compile the legendary reasons and unforgettable memories for you. If you have played Ultima Online and have legendary memories, please share with us in the comments.

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