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10 Strategic Tactics for Total War Players

by tenderpuls

Medieval II: Total War, which emphasizes how brutal war is an event that must be tired of mind, is the crown of strategy game lovers, even today, it has a very large player base. We have put together all the tactics you need to be successful in such a successful game.

If we were to ask a strategy game that stands out with its detailed combat mechanics, probably all gamers would agree that the Total War series will take the lead. First in 2000 Shogun: Total War The successful series, which we come across with his game, takes us to a different period in each game and reminds us what it was like to fight in that period.

Medieval II: Total War is also a game that has witnessed the most brutal wars of the Middle Ages and has been played like crazy since its launch in 2006. Although it is an old game, it can tire the player with its details. Over the years, ways to be invincible in the game have been sought. Here we are in this article, to leave the battlefield victorious. underlying We list the tactics.

Medieval II: Total War tactics:

  • Learn how to control your army,
  • Deploy your army high in the field,
  • Ambush the battlefield
  • Take into account the weather when using ranged units,
  • Keep the general of the army safe,
  • If all hope is gone, target the enemy general,
  • Give the cavalry the attention they deserve,
  • Adopt the philosophy that defense is the strongest attack,
  • Attack only if you are outnumbered,
  • Get a good understanding of the motion scheme of artificial intelligence.

Find out how to control your army:

Medieval II: Total War is a game famous for its battlefields, so you don’t know how to control your army during the war. you have no chance to be successful. So getting your troops right is the first step to winning the war. One of the most important units is the archer class. Never, ever leave your archers uncovered. The class archers who can change the fate of war.

Archers are just one example of the numerous troops in the game. Read on the strengths and weaknesses of each alliance to learn how to control each alliance. The game contains a great resource that anyone who wants to learn can apply. If you want to be victorious in battles, you must read about each unit. Also, not only your own troops, troops of your enemies knowing is also a great advantage.

Deploy your army high in the field:

medieval II: total war battlefield

Reading the terrain well during the war is also one of the first rules of victory. If you force your enemy to attack you by being placed in a high place, you gain a very serious advantage. This tactic is especially from your enemy if you are few in number The first strategy you should apply. In order to eliminate your disadvantage due to numbers, your environmental awareness should be at the top.

Forcing your enemies to climb somewhere to reach you greatly reduces the impact of enemy troops. You, too, enjoy watching your enemy desperately lose a soldier while trying to reach you from your seat. Once upon a time Jedi master As Obi-Wan said: “This is done, Anakin, I’m higher than you.”

Ambush the battlefield:

medieval II: total war

Some troops in Medieval II: Total War have the ability to hide in bushes or tree-filled areas. What would a commander want other than having troops during the war that his enemy was not aware of? To your enemies stronger than they expected If you manage to throw a punch, you can instantly change the course of the battle by catching them off guard.

Consider the weather when using ranged units:

medieval II: total war archer

Even though many players overlook it, the weather has an enormous impact, especially on ranged units. The weather affects a host of factors, from your troops’ ability to target, to the range of the launched weapons. If the weather is rainy or foggy, don’t put too much work into your ranged units. Of the same situation that goes for your enemy Remember. If you can’t use your archers, they won’t be able to use it either.

Keep the army general safe:

medieval II: total war general

The easiest way to get an unexpected defeat on the battlefield is to lose the general. An army can win its war only with its commander. So making sure that your general in the game is always safe is one of the first things you should do. Because as soon as the general dies, your troops a huge loss of morale you will survive and lose even a war in which you are outnumbered before you know what it is.

If all hope is gone, target the enemy general:

medieval II: total war war

If you realize you will lose the war and retreat is not an option gathering all your troops Start the attack towards the enemy general. If, by a miracle, you succeed in defeating the general, the morale of the troops will be upset and you will get a new chance to win the war, no matter how big your enemy is in numbers.

Give the cavalry the attention they deserve:

medieval II: total war cavalry

The main purpose of the cavalry units in the game is to drag the enemy troops into chaos and destroy them. With their fast maneuverability, they become a nightmare for infantry. But don’t take this as attacking your enemy directly and without thinking. Cavalry troops were not used to make frontal attacks, but from the flank. surround the enemy they are much more efficient when used for

Adopt the philosophy that defense is the strongest attack:

medieval II: total war shield

In Medieval II: Total War, defending is always more advantageous than attacking. If the attacking side hurries, it loses too many troops, while the defending side will gain a much superior position when it can defend every angle by dominating the terrain. At the same time on the battlefield that they don’t have to advance they will make a much more effective war for them.

Only attack if you are outnumbered:

medieval II: total war war

While defending is more advantageous than attacking, in some cases you will need to be the attacker. In such a situation, first make sure you are outnumbered. Often times, your troops and enemy troops if the number is equal and if you attack, you will be defeated from the battlefield.

The attacking side always loses more soldiers than the defending side. Considering this, at least in number your two-union superiority otherwise stand back. Do not make hasty decisions and observe what your enemy is doing. Just like you will need backup plans before making a move also to the reserve soldiers you need.

Get a good understanding of the motion scheme of artificial intelligence:

medieval II: total war war

No matter what difficulty you play, the AI ​​of Medieval II: Total War plays very confidently. This is especially true if your enemy is outnumbered to you. You with the strongest soldiers eliminate completely for it, it rushes on you thoughtlessly.

At this point, you should use this thoughtlessness of artificial intelligence against it. As soon as they start to rush on you, they counter-attack and defeat them. at your weakest moments you have to hit. Although artificial intelligence is not a human, ruthlessly use one of the weak points added to leave an open door for players.

Medieval II: Total War Here we come to the end of our article where we give tactics that will both eliminate the learning phase while playing and reduce the number of defeats you get despite being familiar with the game. If you like the games where you live the war directly, you can find our tactics article for ArmA 3 here.

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