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The Best Angelina Jolie Movies According to IMDb Ratings

by tenderpuls

Angelina Jolie, who attracted the attention of the world press for a long time with her marriage to Brad Pitt as well as her acting and beauty, has made many quality films during her long acting career. In this content, we list the best movies of Angelina Jolie, who has become a beauty icon of Hollywood, according to IMDb scores and take a closer look at these movies.

Since his childhood, his father has been in the Hollywood world thanks to the famous actor Jon Voight. Angelina jolieIn a short time, she became one of the indispensable names of Hollywood cinema with her beauty and acting skills. Angelina Jolie, who started her acting career by appearing in clips of musicians such as Meat Loaf and Lenny Kravitz; In 1997, he had a major career leap by winning a Golden Globe for his role as Cornelia Wallace in the miniseries George Wallace.

From this point on, Angelina Jolie managed to take her place among the sought-after figures of Hollywood cinema. Angelina Jolie, who also has a theatrical background, is an actress who likes to act in interesting and extraordinary movies as well as classic Hollywood movies. If you are ready together, the beauty icon of a period Angelina Jolie’s best movies based on IMDb scores Let’s take a closer look.

The best Angelina Jolie movies according to IMDb scores:

  • Changeling
  • Girl, Interrupted
  • Maleficent
  • Playing by Heart
  • Wanted
  • The Bone Collector
  • The Good Shepherd
  • A Mighty Heart
  • Gone in Sixty Seconds (60 Seconds)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Crunchy cookie action and romantic movie: Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

  • Vision: 2005
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Comedy
  • Director: Doug Liman
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Adam Brody
  • IMDb score: 6.5

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s film, perhaps the most recognized and loved film in our country. Mr. & Mrs. SmithIt tells the story of a couple named John and Jane who live a very “ordinary” life. This couple, who lives a so-called ordinary life, has a common secret that they keep from each other. In fact, John and Jane, who are not what they seem at all, realize that they have never known each other for 6 years when they are tasked with killing each other from their contractors.

Gone in Sixty Seconds (60 Seconds) for those looking for adrenaline in Fast and Furious

  • Vision: 2000
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Director: Dominic Sena
  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi
  • IMDb score: 6.5

It has amazing cars and high action. Gone in Sixty Secondscreates the Fast and Furious atmosphere with its many scenes. Randall “Memphis” Raines, a former car thief, must steal many classic and sports cars within 48 hours to save his brother’s life. Realizing that he cannot accomplish this challenge alone, Memphis gathers his old team. Featuring breathtaking cars and equally beautiful Angelina Jolie, this movie will be a medicine, especially for those looking for old Fast and Furious movies.

The true story of what happened after the death of a journalist in Pakistan: A Mighty Heart

  • Vision: 2007
  • Genre: Biography, Drama, History
  • Director: Michael Winterbottom
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, Dan Futterman, Archie Panjabi
  • IMDb score: 6.6

We said that Angelina Jolie likes to play interesting roles. In this heartbreaking drama, biopic, Jolie plays the real person, journalist Mariane Pearl. Angelina Jolie, personally selected by Mariane Pearl to play the role, A Mighty Heart‘received full marks from the critics with his performance. Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street reporter, is kidnapped and killed by terrorists while on duty in Pakistan in the film, which is personally adapted from the sad story. Daniel’s wife, Mariane Pearl, who is also a journalist, goes to Pakistan to reveal the truth behind her husband’s death.

One of the timeless productions with an amazing cast: The Good Shepherd

  • Vision: 2006
  • Genre: Drama, History, Thriller
  • Director: Robert De Niro
  • Cast: Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro
  • IMDb score: 6.7

Indispensable names of spy and crime-themed films, directed and produced by Robert De Niro. The Good Shepherd comes together in the movie. The Good Shepherd, which took us to the CIA Strategy Service Office during the Second World War and then the Cold War, was also written by films such as Forrest Gump and Departed. Eric Roth he is writing.

A unique serial killer chase: The Bone Collector

  • Vision: 1999
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Director: Phillip Noyce
  • Cast: Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Queen Latifah
  • IMDb score: 6.7

Angelina Jolie movie, which is based on Jeffery Deaver’s book of the same name and is also very popular in our country. The Bone Collectorputs us right in the middle of a chilling and tense serial killer story. Angelina Jolie also performs an exquisite supporting lead role in the film, where we witness the extraordinary intelligence of the murder table detective who was paralyzed as a result of his accident and his determination to solve murder.

An iconic action movie: Wanted

  • Vision: 2008
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Director: Timur Bekmambetov
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman
  • IMDb score: 6.7

Wesley, who has not achieved much in his life and is tired of failure, realizes that his life will never be the same again after learning that his father is a famous and successful hitman. With supernatural human killing abilities like his father, Wes begins to get help from the Fox and Sloan duo on their way to becoming an assassin. Based on DC Comics’ comic book of the same name WantedIt also holds the title of being the first movie shot with the Red One camera, which creates the atmosphere we love in Hollywood cinema.


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What happens if 11 people who have never seen each other cross their paths? Playing by Heart

  • Vision: 1998
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Director: Willard Carroll
  • Cast: Gillian Anderson, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie
  • IMDb score: 7.0

One of the early films in which Angelina Jolie shines with her beauty and acting skills Playing by Heartstands out with its legendary cast. In this film, where we watch the stories of 11 people who did not meet each other in New York but had an impact on each other’s lives with a kind of butterfly effect, it is revealed how introverted human lives are, even if people of all classes and status do not meet.

One of the best animated films of 2010: Maleficent

  • Vision: 2014
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Family
  • Director: Robert Stromberg
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley
  • IMDb score: 7.0

In this film, which is a rewritten version of the famous Sleeping Beauty folklore tale through the eyes of the evil fairy Malefiz. Angelina jolie“Is it such a bad fairy?” It comes across in a way that makes us say. Of the real evil Maleficent Instead of Sleeping Beauty’s protagonist, Princess Aurora’s father, King Stefan, in this movie, we watch more of the evil that happened to Maleficent than Sleeping Beauty.

The true story of a man locked in a mental hospital: Girl, Interrupted

  • Vision: 1999
  • Genre: Biography, Drama
  • Director: Robert Stromberg
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, Winona Ryder, Clea DuVall
  • IMDb score: 7.3

One of the films that made Angelina Jolie shine her star and showcase her iconic beauty Girl, Interrupted, quite full of drama a lived story is taking the subject. In fact, this film, in which we witness the story of Susanna Kayser, who was locked up in a mental hospital with the diagnosis of suicide attempt as a result of her own denial, is based on Susanna Kayser’s novel of the same name, which she wrote after staying in a mental hospital for more than a year. Angelina Jolie plays the super cool and sociopath Lisa Rowe, whom Susanna Kayser met in the mental hospital.

Crime film dedicated to Best Picture Oscar: Changeling

  • Vision: 2008
  • Genre: Biography, Drama, Crime
  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, Colm Feore, Amy Ryan
  • IMDb score: 7.7

Directed by Clint Eastwood and awarded by Angelina Jolie Changelingis another biography movie on our list. In the Oscar-nominated Changeling, an extraordinary “truly experienced”fraudWe are watching the story of ”. In 1928, she worked as a female telephone operator named Christine Collins in Los Angeles. When Christine returns from work in the evening to her home in one of the suburbs, she finds that her son Walter is missing. After months of searches, the police, who want to save his reputation, bring a boy who looks like Walter to Christine and claim that this boy is his son.

Bonus: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

  • Vision: 2001
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
  • Director: Simon West
  • Cast: Angelina Jolie, Jon Voight, Daniel Craig
  • IMDb score: 5.8

Although not very pleasant in terms of IMDb scores Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; It is an Angelina Jolie movie that gives us great feelings especially in our childhood or youth. Although not admired by critics, Angeline Jolie still lies in the heart of many of us as Lara Croft. Considering the cinema technologies of the early 2000s, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is one of the films that made Angelina Jolie popular in our country.


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Sorted by IMDb scores Angeline Jolie to the movies We have come to the end of our content that we looked closely at. Having slowly left behind the problems he has been experiencing recently, Angelina Jolie seems to appear in many productions in the upcoming period. You can also share your favorite Angeline Jolie movies with us in the comments section.

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