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New claim regarding the design of the iPhone 13 Pro

by tenderpuls

The first information about the design and features of the iPhone 13 Pro started to come. According to the information transferred, Apple plans to offer a new color option in the iPhone 13 Pro, where it will not offer a serious change in design. In addition, with the iPhone 13 Pro, the LIDAR sensor will be used in portrait mode.

Apple still has a long time, like 6 months, to announce new iPhone models, but the new iPhone 13 Leaks about his family have already begun to come. Max Weinbach from XDA Developers, iPhone 13 Pro design and camera features It may have realized the most realistic leak regarding the issue so far.

According to shared information, the iPhone 13 Pro is at least about the screen compared to the current iPhone 12 Pro model. it will not offer a major design innovation. The notch, which has been criticized since the iPhone X, will continue to exist in the iPhone 13 Pro. Still, Apple is likely to shrink the size of the notch slightly, according to Weinbach.

iPhone 13 Pro will have an attractive matte black color

Apple will continue to develop a unique color option to distinguish the iPhone 13 Pro from the iPhone 12 Pro, as it will not reveal a major innovation at the point of design. This unique color option, as you can see in the concept images above. matte black it will be. Also Apple’s bronze and orange It is stated that it has also tested color options but does not intend to launch it on the market.

iPhone 13 Pro will use LIDAR sensor for portrait mode

iphone 13 pro concept

One of the most important improvements Apple will offer in the iPhone 13 Pro models will be the new portrait mode. Since the iPhone 7 Plus, it has been using the parallax of two camera lenses to create the bokeh effect and a computer algorithm developed specifically for portrait mode. However, according to the information transferred, this method will be changed with the iPhone 13 Pro.

As you know, Apple has added a LIDAR sensor to its smartphones with the iPhone 12 Pro models that can detect the depth of the environment in 3D. Together with iPhone 13 Pro, the algorithm uses data from the camera sensor to create a bokeh effect, and the LIDAR sensor depth will use their information. Thus, instead of the virtual bokeh effect, which can make mistakes especially in fine details such as hair, much more accurate effect can be provided.

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