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Award-winning Webtekno Formula 1 Fantasy League Begins

by tenderpuls

Only days remain before the first race of the new season begins in Formula 1. The award-winning Webtekno Formula 1 Fantasy League, where we will share the excitement of Formula 1 together, begins.

All popular sports fought on the basis of statistics There is a fantasy league. Basically, we create our dream team with the virtual budget given to us in the game and compete with other players in our league. The likes of these games are also quite a lot.

As Webtekno, this year, to share the Formula 1 enthusiasm with our readers. Fantasy League we decided to install. This year – at least in the present case – it is known that it will not come to our country. To experience the Formula 1 excitement at the highest level This league, which is one of the best alternatives we have, is also award winning!

Participation is free In the Formula 1 Fantasy League Our followers who are ranked are from us will win various awards.

How can I join the Webtekno Formula 1 Fantasy League?

Game Via Formula 1’s official Fantasy League we will play. You can join the league from the link in this link. Sure for that Your F1 Fantasy League membership it must be. What you need to do to open membership is quite simple:

  • Red in the middle of the screen register Press the button.
  • Coming out fill out the form.
  • Form send.

Congratulations now Formula 1 Fantasy League player you have been

Afterwards to create a team from you, Which team do you support in Formula 1? information will be requested. According to the choices you make here, you will be automatically registered to certain leagues. You can exit these leagues if you want, it’s up to you. At game 3 different teams although you can bwith only one team in our trail league Let’s also state that there will be a struggle.

How are teams formed in the Formula 1 Fantasy League?

formula 1

At the beginning of the game we have a total 100 million dollars It’s like a budget. With this 100 million dollars 5 pilots and 1 team we choose. Each team and each pilot has a predetermined cost. Although these numbers may vary according to seasonal performances, initially the prices are fixed.

As we mentioned before in the game 3 different teams we can install. Thus, we can participate in race weekends with different configurations you want to try. In our league, everyone will compete with one team, so choose more carefully will be required.

One of the pilots in the teams we have formed, As a turbo driver to earn 2 times the points we choose. We cannot choose pilots whose value is over 20 million as turbo drivers. After that, all we have to do is wait for the weekend and hope our team will collect as many points as they can.

So, how do we collect these points?

formula 1

The scoring of Formula 1 Fantasy League is as follows:

Sorting Tours

  • Finishing Q1 1 point
  • 2 points for finishing Q2
  • 3 points for finishing Q3
  • 2 points for finishing in front of a teammate
  • Not being ranked (pilot only) -5 points
  • Disqualification from ranking (pilot only) -10 points

Bonus points as a result of qualifying rounds

  • Pole position 10 points
  • 2nd place 9 points
  • 3rd place 8 points
  • 4th place 7 points
  • 5th place 6 points
  • 6th place 5 points
  • 7th place 4 points
  • 8th place 3 points
  • 9th place 2 points
  • 10th place 1 point

formula 1


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Race Points

  • Finishing the race 1 point
  • The driver who finishes the race, 2 points per place (max. +10)
  • The pilot who finished the race, in front of his teammate (pilot only) 3 points
  • If the pilot who started the race in the top 10 finishes the race, per lost place (max -10) – 2 points
  • If the pilot who started the race out of the top 10 finishes the race, (max -5) -1 point per lost place
  • Pilot who did not rank -15 points
  • Driver disqualified from the race – 20 points

* Position won: It is determined by the position at the start of the race and the position finished.

** 90% of the lap number of the winning pilot Any pilot who laps up to (rolls down) is considered to have finished the race. Vehicles with fewer laps cannot be included in the ranking. FIA decisions are valid for rankings.

End of Race Bonuses

  • Winning pilot 25 points
  • 2nd place 18 points
  • 3rd place 15 points
  • 4th place 12 points
  • 5th place 10 points
  • 6th place 8 points
  • 7th place 6 points
  • 8th place 4 points
  • 9th place 2 points
  • 10th place 1 point

Series Bonuses

  • Drivers ranking – top 10 in 5 races in a row 5 points
  • Drivers race – top 10 in 5 races in a row 10 points
  • Teams ranking – 5 points for both drivers in the top 10 in 3 consecutive races
  • Teams race – 10 points for both drivers to finish in the top 10 in 3 consecutive races

When a pilot or team makes a series, the series is reset and the series must be made again. In other words, a pilot who is in the top 10 in 5 races in a row and earns additional points has to make a series in 5 more races.


Formula 1 winner

The awards that will be given according to the ranking that will appear at the end of the season are as follows:

10-9-8: 1 Month Xbox Game Pass

7-6-5: 100 TL Steam code

4: F1 2021 PC Game (until then released)

3: F1 hat

2nd: F1 tshirti

one: F1 model car

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