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Local Ambulance Calling Practice Heal

by tenderpuls

Izmir-based startup Tuyar has published the practice of calling a private ambulance for the first time in the world. It is also possible to evaluate private ambulances in the application.

Many people say that the most important thing in this world is health. Indeed especially During the pandemic we live in the importance of health has emerged once again. Almost everyone started to be more attentive.

Healthcare services are already in contact with the technology in this period. developed even tighter bonds. An example of this situation is the first developed by young entrepreneurs. Get well application.

World’s first private ambulance call service

Generally, people don’t need an ambulance very much in their lives. If it happens often there is a serious situation is happening. The purpose of Get Better is to ensure the fastest access to ambulances in these situations.


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It is also possible to score ambulances in this application. Incoming vehicles by speed, quality, cleanliness and price It is also possible to sort. By credit card Paying via the application and making a reservation beforehand are also among the features of Amelio. In other words, if you have a patient who is taken for routine control by ambulance, you can use it at that point.

Ambulances registered with the application are also application with various tests can take place in. Vehicles that fail to exceed a certain quality standard are not included in the application. It is stated that even if there is no ambulance that does not have equipment or cannot provide hygiene, maximum care is taken to avoid such a situation.


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Heal application from both Android and iOS devices possible to use. You can download the application from the links below.

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