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Liquid Lens Smartphone Coming From Xiaomi

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Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun gave information about an upcoming phone in a statement he made on Weibo. According to Lei Jun’s statements, this device, which will be announced on March 29 and will be included in the Mi Mix series, will have a special liquid lens instead of conventional lenses. This will be a first for the industry, and will increase the size of smartphone cameras.

One of the most popular technology companies in recent years, Xiaomiwill organize an event in the coming days. According to the statements made within the scope of this event, “Mi Mix“A brand new smartphone belonging to the series will be announced. Company CEO Lei Jun, who shared a little information about the phone. will realize a first in the world it states.

According to Lei Jun’s statements on China’s social media “Weibo”, the phone to be announced at the event to be held on March 29, liquid lens Will have. Xiaomi will do something that no smartphone manufacturer has done before, thanks to this liquid lens, the camera features of smartphones oversized it will be. So what does liquid lens mean and what will this technology bring to the new phone in the Mi Mix series?

The optical structure in the camera of the phone will be just like the human eye

On the main camera of Xiaomi’s upcoming phone, inside optical grade liquid a structure will be found. This fluid, which can be controlled mechanically or electronically, allows the camera to change its focal length very quickly. In addition, the use of this type of lens can cause the camera module take up less space will provide.

According to Lei Jun, who said that the optical structure of the liquid lens to be used will resemble the human eye, this technology, focusing speed will increase in an unprecedented way. In addition, the lens, which will be controlled by a special engine, will also allow macro and telephoto shots. Thus, Xiaomi; the need to use different lenses for macro, telephoto and wide angle shots. eliminating It will make it possible to take different shots with a single lens. This means that we can see a camera on the back of the phone that we will meet on March 29.


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Speaking of the Xiaomi Mi Mix series, in a content we shared with you a few days ago, it is claimed to belong to Xiaomi’s foldable screen phone. from the rear case design we mentioned. The phrase “Mi Mix” on the case design did not escape our attention either. Perhaps Xiaomi, this on March 29th with foldable screen He will use liquid lenses in this phone that he announced and announced. However, it is not possible to make a prediction on this issue.

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