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iPhone 12’s Weird But Fun Commercial [Video]

by tenderpuls

Apple has released a new commercial featuring the iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield feature. The commercial, which is less than 1 minute, highlights how resistant the iPhone 12 is against drops.

Apple, last October Introducing the iPhone 12 family on the front and back of all new iPhones Ceramic Shield It uses a special protection called iPhone 12 models against falls from previous iPhone models. 4 times more durable He stated that it was. As you can imagine, this is a pretty eye-catching claim, and it’s bound to be used as a marketing material.

Apple recently released a new commercial on its official YouTube channel, iPhone 12emphasizes the Ceramic Shield feature of the company, which we have explained above. Topic “drop resistanceYou can expect to see iPhone 12s dropping left and right throughout the commercial, but Apple is relatively more prone to it instead. funny and weird has produced a commercial.

Apple says iPhone 12 has a more “tough” protection glass than any smartphone.

The 38-second long commercial begins with a scene in which a woman walks down the street and talks on the phone. The woman who wants to squeeze the iPhone 12 between her head and her shoulder loses control of the phone when it fails and it is quite possible not to drop to a long and tiring struggle starting.

At the end of the video, gravity prevails and the iPhone 12 falls with its screen facing the ground. The woman who picked up iPhone 12 from the sand dune, seeing that the screen is not broken He puts the phone to his ear and continues to talk and walk. (I wish he had removed the sand from the screen first.)

iPhone 12 is 4 times more resistant to drops than other iPhones

iphone 12 apple ad

In the announcement of the new commercial that Apple has published, “IPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield. More robust than any smartphone glass. Calm down, that iPhone ” using expressions. To be honest, Apple has indeed done a good job of ruggedness with the iPhone 12. Because the iPhone 12 showed a not bad result not only in Apple’s commercials, but also in our robustness test.

Apple’s Ceramic Shield-focused iPhone 12 ad

Our iPhone 12 ruggedness test video

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