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Gameplay Video From Six Days In Fallujah Arrives

by tenderpuls

The game named Six Days in Fallujah, which Konami had to cancel years ago, will be officially released at the end of 2021. A gameplay video shared about the upcoming game reveals what Six Days In Fallujah will offer to the players. The game may be one of the most talked about productions of 2021.

Gamers had the opportunity to meet a game that Konami was planning to release years ago. “Six Days In FallujahThis game named “was about the war between the USA and Iraq, which was one of the most preferred subjects of a period. was canceled. Although there have been some developments in this game in the past years, Six Days In Fallujah has not become a real production until today. But 2021 will be the year of Six Days In Fallujah.

One of the creators of the game, Peter tamte was a software developer named. Tamte, who founded his own game company and started working in early 2021, has brought the project back to life, which was canceled years ago. Shared by IGN, one of the well-established news sources of the video game industry, gameplay video, Reveals what the game, which we have the opportunity to meet at the end of 2021, has to offer.

The kind of production we missed: Six Days In Fallujah

The “democracy” movements of the USA towards Iraq and Afghanistan were the basis of was forming. In this context, the war games that were put on the market usually take place in these locations, sometimes offering players a sad experience. This game called Six Days In Fallujah, in other words 6 Days in Fallujah, will give us that experience. If you are tired of survival games, your upcoming game excite we can say already.


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The gameplay video shared by IGN offers some snippets of the game. The video, in which the game producers also made a statement, showed that Six Days In Fallujah will take place completely on the streets, where and what will be encountered. certain will not reveals. In some scenes of the production, which is the genre of first person shooter with civilians that you will face the action of the game in those moments “What am I doing?Let’s also say that you will question yourself.

Here is the gameplay video created for Six Days In Fallujah

Why Fallujah?

Fallujah went down in history as one of the biggest US failures in Iraq. US soldiers fought the Iraqi insurgents during the violent clashes in the first months of 2004. could not resist. In the clashes in which 4 US citizens were killed, even the divided people in Iraq were united. The US soldier, who then had to withdraw, attacked Fallujah for the second time at the end of 2004, this time United Kingdom They carried out a successful operation with the support of their soldiers. Street wars in Fallujah today, Second bloodiest war involving US troops It is known as. Here, Six Days In Fallujah will showcase what happened in those street battles in a striking way.

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