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Football Management Game ‘We Are Football’ Announced For PC

by tenderpuls

We Are Football, the new football manager game developed by Winning Streak Games and distributed by THQ Nordic, has been announced. The game will be released on June 10, as planned.

Football manager game directly to our minds when we say Football Manager series is coming because the FM series is known as the most popular manager game of recent times. Today, with an announcement by THQ Nordic, which publishes games such as Darksiders, Desperados and Wreckfest, and the game studio of Winning Streak Games founded in 2018, the Football Manager series opponent a game that will be announced.

On The Ball and Football Manager the name behind the series Gerald kohler and its team, Winning Streak Games We Are Football announced. The new football manager game will be released in partnership with the publisher THQ Nordic. With the announcement of the game, the release date and various features were also announced.

Will be released on June 10

With the announcement of We Are Football, its own page on Steam has also been opened. Of the game To the Steam page When we look at it, we see that the planned release date is June 10. So if nothing goes wrong, the full version of the game will be released on this date. However, various information about the game was also included on the Steam page.

To learn the game according to the publisher’s claim you don’t need to spend hours; So it’s an easy game to learn, hard to master. In We Are Football, where you will direct your career according to your answers will be able to improve your manager skills, you will be able to manage your club in many ways and communicate with fans.


5 Legendary Teams That Can Be Revived by Those Who Will Establish Their Own Clubs in Football Manager

One of the bad aspects of the game is that there is no no official football license. So if you want to manage the team you are a fan of, you won’t be able to do so. The game will have an editing mode where you can create your own league or clubs.

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