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Facebook’s Clubhouse-Like Feature May Look Like This

by tenderpuls

The Clubhouse-like feature of Facebook, which emerged as part of the allegations a while ago, came to light for the first time through a software developer. Images captured by a software engineer reveal that the feature Facebook is working on will be a replica of the Clubhouse.

In a content we shared with you a while ago, Facebookworking on a Clubhouse-like feature we mentioned. However, until now we had no idea what Facebook’s voice communication service could look like and what it could offer. A software engineer named Alessandro Paluzzi was examining Facebook’s Android version codes, while Facebook’s Clubhouse-like he got some footage of what his service would look like.

Facebook officials, who made some statements on the fact that the images obtained were on the agenda, said that the images in question were related to the audio communication service. they confirmed. However, the officials stated that these images do not represent the final version of the service. that you could change they gave the signal. So what does Facebook’s Clubhouse-like service look like for now?

Facebook’s Clubhouse-like feature may be a replica of the original app

The images obtained by the software engineer are used to improve the voice communication feature that Facebook is working on with Clubhouse. it will be almost the same reveals. As a matter of fact, such a situation will not be a surprise to anyone, because Facebook has previously copied features from different platforms. unspecified had adapted.


Facebook’s Clubhouse-like feature, apparently, is the platform’s “rooms“It will appear as a sub-feature to be added to the service. Accordingly, users will create voice chat rooms just as they can create video chat rooms. A user will create a chat room. Messenger or room connection will be able to open to users via.

Facebook Clubhouse

The feature Facebook is working on will likely be available to users shortly. However, whether this feature will surpass Clubhouse, especially for the Android ecosystem, is for now. Unknown. By the way, Clubhouse, which has recently become a madness and is currently only used in the iOS ecosystem, in a few months To the Android ecosystem your future Let’s remind you.


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