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Big Talking Tech Expert Scratched His Eyebrows [Video]

by tenderpuls

Speaking big about Apple’s launch on March 23, tech expert Jon Prosser scratched his eyebrows as promised. Prosser, while fulfilling its promise, also took on a social responsibility by drawing attention to children with cancer.

A claim made earlier this month was Apple’s 23 Marchwill organize a new launch event in was suggesting. March 23 came and went; Apple did not organize any launch events.

Having previously made many leaks related to Apple products Jon Prosser while he was extremely confident that Apple would hold a launch event on March 23. Prosser was so confident in its resources that Apple did not organize an event. that you will scrape your eyebrows had said.

Trust your resources, technologist out of your eyebrows

With the arrival of March 23 and Apple’s no launch, the eyes are on what Prosser has continued since 2013. Front Page Tech It was translated into the new video of the series and Prosser kept its promise.

Throughout the video, Prosser, which includes the most noteworthy Apple news of the past days, also fundraiser for children with cancer It also calls for a donation for Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization. Prosser keeps his promise at the end of the video and scrapes his eyebrows with a razor.

How did the technologist of years go wrong about the Apple launch?

apple activity

A lot about Apple lately leak you may have noticed that it’s happening. Apple is taking a number of measures to prevent these leaks, which the company told Simon Lancaster, a former Apple engineer, earlier this month. on the grounds of leaking inside information to the media He even filed a lawsuit.

According to estimates, Apple, “The launch will be held on March 23” He made his own claims to alleviate some consistent inconsistent leaks to some extent. So people instead of technologists They would focus more on Apple’s official statements. So when is Apple’s next event? Information shared so far engagement pointing to the moon.

The video of Jon Prosser scraping his eyebrows

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